An- All Out Guide to Torrent Trackers with the list of Top Trackers for uTorrent in 2022

October 13, 2021

The concept of torrenting isn’t anything new, especially for the Gen-Z kids who always know their way around in the technical world. People from different parts of the globe have been accessing tons of different torrentz platforms for quite a while now. 

Torrent websites host almost everything in the digital world, be it adult content, movies, shows, exclusives from OTT platforms, documentaries, documents, applications, and many other things. 

Downloads are facilitated by peers. The more peers, the better the downloading speed becomes. However, at times, users may be unable to find suitable peers for the torrent file of their choice. 

Worry not as this is where torrent trackers make things interesting. These trackers help by increasing the downloading speed of BitTorrent. How? Simply via direct connections. If you feel a bit taken back by the last couple of sentences, sit back and follow this blog till the end to know how you can make good use of torrent trackers as today’s blog will shed light on the same. 

But before we begin, let us take a better look as to what a torrent tracker is?

Disclaimer: The main objective of the information in this blog is to educate the audience about some of the best torrent trackers. We do not, in any way, promote or support the use of these since these are related to torrent sites in the first place which are illegal and can get you in legal trouble which is why it is advised for you to steer clear of such sites. 

A Brief Introduction to Torrent Trackers

For the general audience, torrent trackers are simple servers that keep tabs on the peers that are available at the moment to offer users the requested files. These trackers come under a special type of servers that help to ensure better communication between torrent clients and peers to speed up the downloading process. 

In simpler terms, the more torrent trackers you add, the better your chances are of getting a large number of seeders and peers for the file that you want to download. Your downloading speed will increase if there are more people available to upload files to you. 

There are two major types of torrent trackers, namely public and private torrent trackers. Let us get to know it.  

Public Torrent Trackers

These types of trackers are commonly known as open trackers. Public torrent trackers can be accessed by anyone for use simply by adding them to the trackers’ list of the torrent client. Users do not need to go through any sort of registration or need an invitation to use the public torrent trackers to increase the speed of their downloads. 

Private Torrent Trackers

As opposed to public torrent trackers, these types of trackers are not available for everybody. Users need to register or get an invitation to access such types of trackers. These are regarded as the safer and better option when compared to public trackers. 

The sad part is that these trackers have an upload and download limit and users cannot access the tracker after the limit is reached. Users can access private torrent trackers aka fast trackers via online forums just like Reddit. 

Now that we know about all types of trackers, let us now take a look at some of the best torrent trackers that can be used in the year 2022.

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List of Top Torrent Trackers (2022)

In case you are a frequent downloader of torrents, we recommend you use a premium torrent VPN to conceal your identity from the government agencies and your ISP. Below is a list of some of the best torrent trackers.

Users can use any of the aforementioned torrent trackers simply by copying it and then pasting it on the torrent client of their choice such as uTorrent. 

Now that we know about the best trackers for torrenting, let us get to know how to add trackers to uTorrent without breaking a sweat. 

Steps to add new trackers to uTorrent

  • Begin by copying the tracker and then opening the application of the uTorrent app. 
  • From there, you will need to right-click on the torrent file to select the properties option from the bottom of your screen to proceed further. 
  • In the next window, you will need to paste the trackers for uTorrent. 

And that is it. These simple steps can help you to add new trackers on uTorrent in the blink of an eye.


It is no secret that when you are downloading a torrent file, you are doing so in bits and pieces of the file needed from multiple locations. All of this is done with the help of a torrent client. In some cases, users are unable to find a great peer list for the torrent of their choice. This is where torrent trackers come in.

The trackers mentioned in this article can help users to increase the download speeds of torrent files where there are very few seeds available. 

We hope that this blog has all the answers that you came seeking for.

Up until next time! Happy torrenting.

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