Entrepreneur Insights: Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today

February 8, 2022

If you’re reading this, then you probably have a palpitating desire to start your own business. The good news is, venturing into the business arena with limited capital is quite possible, thanks to the new norm – online start-ups.

It seems that there’s no absence of good business ideas for thriving entrepreneurs because the internet has made it convenient to approach target audiences. With merely a website, you can influence anyone, anywhere. While some may find the internet to be a get-rich-quick scheme, a few fundamental principles still apply. For instance, you need to target the right audience with the right offering, choose the right business name, and get business insurance. Confirming these aspects will serve as a solid ground for your online business. Many individuals have already leaped into entrepreneurship. With the right online franchise business ideas combined with a fair play of hard work, you can too.

To help you contemplate the idea of starting your own business, here’s a list of the five best and in-demand online business ideas. 

1. Become a Statistical Researcher

Almost every professional field demands this type of research. A few common types of data research include time series, experimental designs, regression, principal component analysis, and factor analysis.

As a statistical researcher, you can sell your services on numerous freelancing websites, such as Fiverr, or set up a professional website to advertise your services. To be successful in this field, you’ll need a statistical or financial background, and ideally, some knowledge of your target industry. 

Let’s say you seek to become a business researcher and provide services to various organizations. Today, acquiring knowledge about a different industry for your benefit is more manageable than ever, thanks to eLearning. Those with a profound interest in research-related jobs can benefit from enrolling in an AACSB online MBA to master business essentials. It will allow business researchers an edge over other researchers with apt skillsets. They will get a chance to learn the ropes of business research, financial markets, organizational behavior, analytics, consumer behavior, etc.  

In addition, enterprises need data analyzed for numerous purposes, meaning you will always be in demand.

2. Launch a Dropshipping Store

Are you under the delusion that you’ll need a warehouse full of inventory if you ever want to sell something? Think again. 

Dropshipping is the perfect business idea for entrepreneurs on a budget. What’s more, you won’t need a warehouse, meaning you can run your business from anywhere. Whether it’s the cafe down the street or your living room, you can decide where you want to set up shop. 

With this business, you can hit the ground running via sourcing a pre-existing service/item from a supplier. And allow them to take control of things like order fulfillment and packaging. This process lets you skip the many obstacles that might be standing in the way of starting a business. More essentially, it removes the risk of finding out there’s no market for your product after placing a gigantic order with a supplier or manufacturer. So go for it without second-guessing.

3. Become a Website Developer

Web development is in continuous demand. Organizations are always trying to improve and upgrade their websites to attract visitors and increase sales. What does this mean for you? As an entrepreneur, you can work on an existing website, build one concurrently, and provide added benefits to clients. Moreover, if being constantly challenged is what you’re looking for, website development could be the best online business idea for you. 

4. Become a Vlogger

For entrepreneurs, YouTube makes starting an online business incredibly accessible and better. If you have special knowledge regarding a specific subject, upload videos of yourself educating others. And use social media to get the word of your channel out. As your number of viewers and subscribers grows, you will be able to monetize your videos and gain profit from them. 

Not only is this a lucrative business idea, but it’ll help you attract brand endorsements. 

5. Become a Freelance Blogger

Blogging may come off as an outdated business strategy, but hear us out.

If you have a passion for writing, blogging may be a lucrative business idea for you. Initiating a blog as a business is simple because website builders like WordPress and Weebly will nudge you in the direction of quality and consistency. 

To gain a steady following, you must regularly produce premium-quality content that proves valuable to your readers. Content that entertains or educates your readers gives them all the more reason to follow you. 

Once you’ve excelled in creating consistent content, you can make money through your blog by advertising products like digital coaching, webinars, e-books, or online courses. You can also promote sponsored posts and ad space. This business strategy may require a lot of time and effort, but the results will be worth it.


The majority of office-based jobs are now possible online via remote working or freelancing. The beauty of technology means that money-spinning online businesses will keep mounting, making the world a genuinely global square. Therefore, put in the time and see where it leads. There’s always an opportunity for zealous entrepreneurs in the online world. Whether you want to earn an income passively or involve in a full-time business, there are plenty of ideas on our list.

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