Online Tutoring and Online Language Courses Leaving Milestones in the Industry

May 24, 2023

What is online tutoring? How does an online language course work? Advantages? Disadvantage? How do I teach online? And at the Learning Institute, there is online tutoring including 2 trial lessons.

Everything about online tuition, online language courses, and online teaching can be found here.

See how easy it is to take classes over the Internet, for whom it is suitable, what prerequisites are required, and whether our online language courses and our online tutoring are also suitable for you.

Or you can receive a non-binding offer for online lessons from the experts for individual lessons. With 2 trial lessons. No subscription. No termination is necessary. Certified teachers only. And free learning skills training:

Besides the convenience and flexibility offered by online tutoring and language courses, there are notable advantages to consider. For example, if you’re interested in learning Spanish, online language courses present a wonderful opportunity to improve your language abilities. Envision the excitement of participating in engaging Spanish classes in Miami all from the comfort of your own home. With certified instructors and personalized guidance, you can immerse yourself in the language without any obligations. Embrace the world of online education today and broaden your horizons.

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What is Online Tutoring?

Online lessons are Internet-based computer-assisted learning in which the student and the instructor are both seated in front of their computers at the same time and can see and hear each other through audio headphones and camera (and webcam for video cam with audio).

The spatial distance no longer plays a role in this type of teaching and is overcome via the Internet: Only the competence of the tutor is decisive.

Online tuition is a modern, flexible type of tuition and for many is a good alternative or a suitable addition to classic, conventional tuition at home, at your school, or at work.

What is the Procedure for Using Online Lessons?

It is simple to take online classes. The online lesson is scheduled between you and your Learning Institute tutor. Your online tutor will initiate a video conference with you at the proper moment. On the screen, you will now see and hear your teacher. Your teacher, of course, can see and hear you. You may begin the lesson right now.

It’s that simple to take online classes. Without having to travel. And the issue with the local distance is no longer an issue.

The best part is that you can go back and review your lessons:

You may get these classes as a video right after each online lesson if you desire. Your tutor will videotape the classes and email them to you for free. Exams and examinations are ideal for repeating or studying. As a result, digital classes benefit you twice.

You or your teacher can show the screen to the other person if it is useful for online instruction. The same methodology applies to A-Level chemistry tutors, mathematics, and literature. So you can see the teacher’s computer screen. As a result, you will both have the same view of the lesson papers and will be able to debate things on-site, just as in a traditional session. Working together on a topic with an online text editing application or a free online blackboard is also a terrific alternative. More difficult activities and topics may be addressed and learned this way. All of these online teaching materials will be managed by your Learning Institute teacher. As a result, you can simply relax and enjoy our expert, tailored coaching or your personalized language course from the convenience of your own home.

All topics benefit greatly from online language training and tutoring. Of course, there are conversation classes. 


Nowadays, teaching online is very easy.

So that you can learn online with us, all you need is:

Internet: Normally fast Internet connection is sufficient. A quiet place where you feel comfortable and where you can devote yourself to your online lessons undisturbed.

PC, notebook, tablet, or smartphone: The computer should be equipped with an additional webcam and headset/boxes. So that you can see and hear each other.

Knowledge:  Doesn’t really need any. Online lessons really aren’t that complicated. Your teacher will take care of the handling and use of aids. So you don’t have to worry about how the online lessons work.

Video transmission:  do you already have a Skype or Google account? If not: no problem. It’s easy and your teacher will help you:

Skype: It’s free. You can create this account here: The free Skype software should be installed on the relevant device before the first appointment.

Hangouts: It’s free: You can create this account on the hangout Google web App. The free Hangouts software should be installed on the relevant device before the first appointment. 


What are the benefits of online lessons?

According to the internetoflearning these are the advantages on online lessons

  • No way to get there 
  • The issue with the distance locally is eliminated
  • More time to study, because you can use the time optimally for studying online via the computer and not for the journey.
  • You learn in familiar surroundings
  • Great for conversation classes while learning languages
  • Ideal for actually all subjects: Especially for topics where a lot has to be explained and talked about. So for almost all subjects. Our experience has shown that subjects such as mathematics or accounting can also be perfectly learned with lessons via the webcam.
  • You have all of the teaching documents in digital form: After each online teaching unit, you will receive all the documents, summaries, notes, and exercises that your online teacher created with you during the lesson electronically: You can store or print out these digital documents and use for further learning and repetition. This is even more practical than on-site lessons.
  • With video to look up: You can watch the lesson again. Over and over again: Because your online coach will film the lesson if you want to. So you can watch and repeat the lesson at any time without a time delay.
  • Low distraction potential:  A major advantage is that the learner’s concentration is focused on the screen and it is therefore almost impossible not to follow the lessons and the explanations.
  • We think that learning online is also really fun
  • The appeal of trying something different. The online tutoring form of teaching can be attractive if you want to try something different than front-line teaching or normal 1: 1 teaching for a change.
  • New things stimulate creativity
  • New things increase the ability to learn in general: We have often noticed that the newer, digital form of teaching with online learning inspires and thus facilitates access to learning.
  • Free learning skills training for you at the Learning Institute! In addition to online tutoring or online language courses, the Learning Institute also provides you with free learning skills training. So that you can benefit even more from online lessons!

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