Paige Raises $100M Series-C Through Its Digital Diagnostics

January 30, 2023

Paige, an AI-based, global leader in digital diagnostics has raised $100M in series-C, Ied by Casdin Capital and Johnson and Johnson Innovation; the strategic venture capital arm of J&J. The participation round also consisted of earlier investors. Paige closed the series-C round on January 14, 2021. 

Through the present investment, they are looking to upgrade their AI-based clinical application and bio sketches. Paige alias, global leaders in digital diagnostics, is currently looking to begin some strategic moves through their AI-led products and technology. They will be investing in running their products and ideas in the market through apt sales and marketing strategies.

Get to Know Paige

Paige was founded in 2017 by David Klimstra, Norman Selby, Peter Schüffler, and Thomas Fuchs. The company has pathology products and software for patients and care teams for better diagnostics. Paige’s novel technology to pathologists, enhance their diagnostic confidence and productivity with secure digital pathology solutions.

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The Specification of Paige

Paige is transforming the traditional pathology route into a powerful, enhanced, and intuitive diagnostic AI. Let’s get to the table before and know the specifications of the company.

Company NamePaige
Company Legal NamePaige.AI, Inc
FoundersDavid Klimstra, Norman Selby, Peter Schüffler, Thomas Fuchs
Founded DateFeb 2018
HeadquartersGreater New York Area, East Coast, Northeastern US
IPO StatusActive
Total Funding Amount$220M
Company TypeFor Profit
Paige Official AddressPaige.AI

Paige’s Roadmap to Transform Cancer Diagnostics

Here is a grid of steps and operations through which Paige is transforming the cancer diagnostics.

  • Paige has the mission to develop and deliver new generations of clinical application and predictive tests that transform oncology and empower pathologists.
  • It secures AI solutions that power the future of pathology and is supported by a team of experts in life science, pathology, technology, machine learning, and healthcare.
  • It has an efficient AI application and a secure end-to-end solution that provides various resources like cloud storage, image review, and multi-scanner.
  • Paige has access to a highly diverse global data set to develop AI software.
  • The cloud-based Paige platform integrates with the user’s laboratory information system, requiring zero lab footprints.
  • They use tissue-based AI, a new generation of diagnostics empowering the diagnostic world.

Services Currently Offered by Them

Clinical and pharmaceutical AI applications offered by Paige are as follows:

  • Paige Platform and FullFocus

Paige has a secure AI platform that performs multiple secure functions like LIS interoperability, multi-scanner integration, cloud storage, case management, image review through FullFocus and AI application.

  • Paige Prostate Suite

Paige Prostate is a suite of AI applications that helps Paige detect suspicious foci, grading, and quantification of tissue, and an indication of PNI in the needle core biopsy of the prostate tissue.

  • Paige Breast Suite

Paige Breast is a suite of AI applications that help pathologists in breast evaluation and detection of breast biopsies and metastases in the lymph nodes of the breast.

  • Digital Biomarkers

Currently, Paige is working with various pharmaceutical companies to build novel prognostic and predictive digital biomarkers by providing services that enable new and effective treatment plans.

Various Solutions Presented by Paige Health Diagnostics

Paige’s powerful AI platform improves the molecular characterization of cancer from H&E tissue samples. It aims to discover new, predictive and prognostic biomarkers from the novel treatments held in its vicinity. 

The two solutions provided by Paige are clinical and pharma.

  1. Clinical Solutions: Paige’s novel platform to bring the best use of AI in laboratories. By combining their computational pathology technology with millions of data from digitized glass slides and corresponding slides. With FullFocus viewer and digital case manager, it facilitates access to tissue application as a complete integrated system with the user’s LIS.
  1. Pharma Solutions: With applauding AI technology, Paige brings novel insights from images of routine hematoxylin and eosin-stained tissue (H&E). With exclusive clinical data cohorts, it validates phenotype patterns and deploys AI globally. 

Team’s Thoughts and Ideas Shaping the Future of Pathology

Paige has a team of the world’s most talented engineers, scientists, pathologists, and leaders who are working to mend the future of pathology.

PAIGE, aka- “Pathology Artificial Intelligence Guidance Engine,” Supports its mission through

  • Esteemed Leadership
  • Improving Traditional pathology
  • Paving the future of pathology
  • Commitment to making an impact.

Also, in the values chart, Paige believes to be ADEPT in the mission to transform cancer diagnostics. ADEPT spells as Accountable (owning your role), Disruptive (don’t settle easily), Execution-Focused (strategic execution), Patient Centric and Trusting (to communicate clearly) to win the race in the market and accomplish their long-desired goal.

Customer Services 

Product-related query form link:

Contact Email:

Headquarters Address: 11 Time Square, FI 37, New York, NY 10036

Closing Thoughts

Paige is currently expanding through its partnerships and clinical trials and has 1000 labs across 45 countries with a world-leading pathologist network providing reliable diagnostics.

This global diagnostic platform will use the raised amount of $45M in Series-A funding to expand its outreach and develop bio sketches.


Ans: Currently, Paige has 9 investors till now. It includes Casdin Capital and Catalio Capital Management.

Ans: Possible investors of Paige include Imagen Technologies, Inito, and Health at scales technologies.

Ans: Juan Retamero, MD, is the medical director of digital pathology transformation vicinity at Paige.

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