Pay Per Click Marketing: All You Need to Know About It

July 9, 2021

With billions of searches on daily basis, PPC can be a potent tool in your promotional arsenal. If you aim to improve traffic and conversions from search engines, then PPC can help your business just like

PPC can be a great way to market your new product or service and reach new customers. But it can be a little difficult to understand for new users who are just getting started with PPC. 

Don’t worry, we will explain everything about PPC and how you can take advantage of it. 

Let’s begin. 

What is PPC?

It stands for Pay Per Click, which is an advertising model where businesses/advertisers run ads on a few platforms like Google ads. And a fee for the ad is deducted when someone clicks on it. 

Every search engine or big social media website displays these ads in their products. These ads are more evident on the search engine results page, just take a look at the results displayed at the top of the search page. Or you may see these ads running on top social media websites to reach new customers. 

Most businesses use PPC to drive traffic, sales, or potential subscription/inquiry about the business from the target audience. Most of the ad platforms available today offer depth targeting which allows the businesses to target a particular section of their customer demographic. It allows businesses a precise level of targeting which traditional marketing methods lack. 

Working of Pay Per Click Marketing

As the name suggests, it is an online marketing method where a business runs an ad on a platform and pays every time a user clicks on it. The working of PPC can be pretty complex and it is best to leave it to the professionals. 

But in the simple expression, the PPC works like this. 

  • First, a brand identifies the keyword their target audience searches for regularly. And it can be done using a few Keyword Research tools available online. 
  • And the business creates an ad on the platform that will be visible to the audience who are searching for a particular keyword. 
  • Now a user searches for the product/service through one of the keywords and sees that ad. 
  • Then, the user clicks on the ad and the business is charged for the click on that ad. 

These points explain how the ad process works and we will have a closer look at the Pay Per Click Marketing campaigns on various platforms. 

Most Popular Platforms for PPC

If you are still absorbing the knowledge about PPC, I guarantee that you’re already very aware of the top PPC platforms. All PPC platforms have their benefits among other things. 

Two of the most used advertising platforms are:

Google Ads – When you want to show your ads in the search results, Google Ads is the best platform available for users. It is valued because it is showing ads to people who are actively searching for a specific service or product. 

Facebook Ads – If you want to advertise on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, then Facebook ads is the best platform. It has an exceptional targeting system to allow you to select a custom audience on the platform. 

Apart from these two, there are other platforms available out in the market including Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Bing Ads, and Quora Ads. To get the most out of Pay Per Click Marketing, businesses need to divide their ad revenue into different platforms. It will allow a business to get benefits from all the platforms. To list the ad, platforms use a bidding system to show the most efficient ads.

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