15 Biggest Pros and Cons of Being a Lawyer

January 11, 2023

Being a lawyer is the dream of many students graduating from high school. Here’s what Hogle Law Firm in Mesa lawyers say about their profession’s biggest pros and cons. 


Higher Education

Every lawyer needs to attend law school and take the BAR exam to become state-licensed. That requires a lot of studying that offers you the chance to improve your educational skills. 

Chances to Advance In Politics

Since lawyers know the law better than any other, it would be natural for them to prepare and vote for new laws. That’s why lawyers belong to one of the greatest pools for becoming a politician.

Lawyers Are Entrepreneurs

Many people don’t like working for others. Lawyers usually are freelancers working on their own and having their law firm.

Building of A Strong Business Network

Attorneys could represent many clients in a court of law. That makes them know more people and create a wider business network.

Great Retirement Plans

If you are a lawyer, you have more chances to get an elevated 401K retirement plan with many extra payments. The higher income that lawyers usually enjoy gives them more incentives to retire early and live a prosperous life.

Opportunities to Meet Other People

When having a law firm, you may meet with several people during the workday. Listening to their cases and forging the strategy to follow could make you eager to socialize with others and create friendships.

Flexible Schedules

Some people can’t work in an office job where clocking in at nine and leaving at five is the requested pattern. Lawyers can have flexible work schedules and regulate their life easier than others.


Worst Family/Life Balance

The legal profession is quite time-consuming, frequently making lawyers stay in the office late at night. That makes up for the worst family/life balance and has put lawyers at the top of the divorce list.

Higher Needs For Law School Student Loans

Law schools are usually more expensive than others. That requires future lawyers to ask for higher student loans that count for elevated payments when they start their business.

Unpredictable Flow of Business

When you are a lawyer, you may spend numerous weeks without a single client. However, some weeks you may have tons of cases to study and prepare for court. That unpredictable flow of business is one of the biggest disadvantages of being a lawyer.

Increased Chances to Get Sued For Malpractice

Unsatisfied customers have the right to sue lawyers for legal malpractice. As a lawyer, you should be insured against that danger, which means even more payments to insurance companies and even more stress.

Need For Continuous Education

Laws constantly change. That’s why they need for lawyers’ continuous education is elevated, and most of them would pay out of pocket for it.

Need to Compete With Other Competent Lawyers

When cases are scarce, you need to compete with other colleagues to get the most profitable ones. Some lawyers cannot withstand this competition and may fail as entrepreneurs.

Stressful Business

Being a lawyer means having a lot of stress. You are solely responsible for presenting the case to the court of law and persuade the jurors of your client’s innocence. It’s quite stressful to be prepared for the worst scenario each day you come to the office. All that stress may pose a hard to overpass psychological burden for lawyers who may prefer to discontinue their legal business and protect their health.

Risk of Losing Your Family

As mentioned before, lawyers have the worst family life balance. As a result, they have higher chances to ruin their family if their spouse couldn’t stand the long absence of their husbands. The divorce rates among lawyers are higher than in any other professional group, showing the devastating effects of the legal profession on a person’s life.

Even though numerous people register in law schools across the country, only a few know the pros and cons of their future profession. Law students must know the benefits and drawbacks of their choice to become a lawyer. There is plenty of time to find a new educational challenge and graduate from a different school. Being a lawyer is a prestigious choice but could also bring you close to your physical limits. It’s always better to be well-informed about your future job details and make up your mind according to your personal beliefs and lifestyles. After all, becoming a lawyer will be a choice that follows you for the rest of your life.

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