Pros and Cons of Using a VPN to Access Blocked Streaming Sites

February 14, 2023

Using a VPN becomes essential when you are trying to access sites that are geo-restricted in your region. This is because geo-restricted sites do not allow people living outside their region to visit them and block any foreign IP address that they detect. So, here we will share with you the pros and cons of using a VPN so you can make an informed decision before using it to access blocked streaming sites.

Pros of Using a VPN

Hides Local IP Address 

A reliable VPN performs the job of hiding your local IP address well and ensures that you can access whatever geo-restricted site you have your eyes on safely. No matter what nook of the world you reside in, it keeps your local IP address undetected and provides you with an alternate one. This keeps your streaming safe and smooth and continues for as long as you wish. A hidden IP address keeps your location hidden from third parties and keeps you anonymous.

Bypasses Geo-Restrictions 

Any site you want to access, be it Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, or any other which is banned in your region, you can easily access simply by using a VPN. This is one of the main purposes of using a VPN, as it allows you to stream any content you like and bypasses any geo-restrictions. The risk occurs when you use a free VPN as it doesn’t perform its job well, but a premium one helps you access any blocked site wherever you are.

Keeps User Activity Secure 

Whatever site you visit or whichever content you stream, third parties as well as your internet service provider can access it easily and track whatever you do. This gives fodder to cyber criminals who maliciously make use of your data. So, using a VPN keeps your user activity secure and doesn’t leave any traces on the internet for others to find. When you use a premium VPN, whatever you stream online stays between you and the site, and ends when you end it. Your privacy becomes a priority when you access sites through VPNs.


No matter where you are traveling, a good VPN will help you access any blocked site in the world and help keep you entertained as you travel. There will never be a dull moment in your journeys with a VPN and streaming site working on your device, like watching HBO Max in Canada or Netflix in the UK, etc.

Cons of Using a VPN

Exposes Data to VPN Provider 

When you use a VPN, which is not premium or reliable, it exposes your data to third parties which also includes your VPN service provider. It occurs mostly when there is a free VPN in question, which is why the security provided isn’t of good quality and comes with a lot of risks. So, make sure that you choose a VPN which doesn’t expose your data or it can cost you a lot in the long run. 

Slow Internet Connection 

Using a VPN usually slows down your internet connection, and makes your streaming experience less than ideal. This will also cause buffering and will take longer than usual time to provide smooth streaming. However, this issue could easily be tackled once you use a premium VPN as its features are fast and fail-proof for the users to stream content online. 

IP and DNS Leaks 

There is always a risk of you exposing your IP address to third parties when using a VPN, which can massively backfire and ruin your overall streaming experience. For this very purpose, we recommend VPNs which offer nothing less than premium benefits to not only offer you a memorable streaming experience but also take no risk in protecting your data from being leaked online. You may need to invest a little more but it is worth your privacy.

Slightly High Costs

To gain the top benefits of a premium VPN, you would need to invest a little money to be able to equip yourself with all its top features. Using a free VPN is as good as using no VPN, as the risks which come with it could not only ruin the overall streaming quality for you due to ads, buffering, etc. but also put all your data and user activity out in the public.

Final Thoughts 

Using a VPN always comes with a risk. However, that risk could be eliminated if you make an informed choice of choosing VPNs that come with a proven track record of satisfying their customers online. This could help solve many of your privacy issues and help you access any blocked streaming site safely and reliably. So, we hope that the pros and cons which we have shared with you above help you figure out what things you need to look out for when opting for a VPN.

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