How to Protect Kids from Cat Fishers with Social Media Spy App?

January 11, 2023

Do you know how to ensure your children are safe from catfishing? How the internet is impacting kids negatively? The Internet can bring many advantages for our daily lives; however, it also has opened the door to frauds like catfishing. 

If your children are frequently online and keen on making friends on the Internet, they are vulnerable to these scams. Therefore, you must be aware of the top leading android spy apps to keep your children safe from catfishing on the Internet.

What is Catfishing?

“Catfishing” is a deceptive method of creating fake profiles to establish online relationships. Identity profiles are usually created using social media accounts of other people’s accounts to create a brand-new identity online. Sometimes, this is done by using the entire identity of an individual to create a fake one.

Catfishing was initially targeted at adults. However, as our children get more involved with online social media, it’s becoming more prevalent among teenagers and young adults, harming them badly. Catfishing also has taken an even more sinister role since it’s now a standard method for predators to prey upon children. 

Picture an old dirty man talking around with kids with sinister motives. Con artists also use catfishing to deceive people into paying for their goods. When you’ve received a message from a friend asking for the wire transfer of money in exchange for a specific reason, the odds are good that the person asking for money was the victim of a catfish.

How Can You Protect Kids from Cat Fishers?

Catfishing is a way to tap into the desire to feel loved and wanted by someone. If you inform your child about the risks of catfishing, you’ll build an excellent foundation for your children to be secure. However, sometimes explaining the ways to determine when someone is trying to snare you isn’t enough. Certain teens follow their instincts, and that leads them in the wrong direction.

Through Social Media Spy App:

It’s quite challenging to control kids’ daily online activities because no matter how many restrictions you’ll put; teens will do the opposite. So, don’t waste your time if you believe your child is facing online backlash or being a catfishing victim. Instead, you can get social media spy app and track your children daily. It will let you track social media apps and know who is contacting your kids. 

You’ll be able to view shared multimedia, able to read conversations, record phone calls, track others and block accounts. Using spy apps is the best solution to ensure kids’ protection and let them live their lives freely. In addition, it allows you to restrict app or mobile usage so you can discipline children. 

Best Spy App:

You’ll have many options while looking for social media trackers, so you need to choose wisely. We’ll help you get the finest Facebook tracker to make your life easy. 


TheWiSpy is a spy app that allows parents to manage the online or digital behavior of kids. It is among the most sophisticated spy applications with a range of robust features for monitoring children. Many parents are taking advantage of the software to watch their children’s online lives and shield their children from catfishers, predators, bullies, and fraudsters. 

How TheWiSpy Helps in Protecting Kids?

The WhatsApp tracker lets parents monitor the activities of their children’s devices that they engage offline and online.

After you have installed the app on a suitable Android smartphone of your child, the app syncs all essential mobile phone information and uploads it to the control panel of the TWS. 

The data includes contacts, messages, emails, call logs, messages, video, and photos, including GPS location, social media apps, keyloggers, and Internet history. In addition, parents can log in to the control panel on the Internet to access the synced information and transmit instructions to the targeted mobile phone.

TWS Features:

The most essential part of TheWiSpy is its unique features that let you keep full tabs on your kid’s mobile phones and protect them from predators. 

Facebook Tracker:

The dashboard lets you see the date and time of every message received or sent on Facebook messenger. In addition, the Facebook tracker displays information about added accounts. The full details of chats or conversations and shared multimedia files are accessible to view via the dashboard. The feed can be viewed in real-time, and you can block accounts. In addition, you can know the intentions of the sender by reading conversations and pointing out scammers.

WhatsApp Tracker:

WhatsApp is the primary resource of texting and catfishers text around people to bully or harass them. Don’t worry because through the TheWiSpy WhatsApp tracker, you can read all conversations in seconds. The online portal has access to all the chats, call logs, multimedia files, and contact information of WhatsApp. You can log in to the portal and view the live activity of your kids without informing them. 

Instagram Tracker:

Instagram is an emerging platform where teenagers share their private life through pictures and videos. It’s scary for parents to know there are people with bad intentions trying to hurt their children. You can control your child’s Instagram activity through this Instagram tracker feature. 

It allows you to view the feed activity, read direct messages, and view message requests. Teenagers aren’t wise enough to identify catfishers, but you can open the dashboard on your phone and start protecting your kid by remotely blocking such accounts. 

Snapchat Tracker:

You can track Snapchat conversations remotely by using TWS. It allows you to read the exchanged messages on this app and block unknown persons. In addition, you can use the keylogger feature to restrict bad words, and when your child gets a message with those words, the app will notify you. It’s a great way to prevent a bigger issue in the future because you can take instant action. 

Additional Tips to Avoid Catfishing:

  • Talk to children about the friend requests they’re getting and let them know that they must be in touch with you before accepting any request, not only from people they don’t know but familiar people as well.
  • Create strict privacy settings for Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms.
  • Every month, search your child’s face and name on Google Images; you might discover photos or accounts that they’ve hidden away from you.
  • Make sure to connect with your child on Facebook and keep in touch with them every day. While this might seem obvious for younger kids, things become a little chaotic when kids turn teenagers.
  • Make sure you meet all boyfriends/girlfriends of your teenagers. It’s normal for children’s relationships to begin online in these times. When your kid is in “dating age” and you feel they’re constantly in contact with someone, you should ask them to meet at the time. There’s a lot to be said about being old-fashioned, particularly in the case of our kids.


Kids have more active lives online than in real life, making it essential for parents to keep a close eye on them. Teenagers love to connect with new people online, and that’s fine until they get trapped in harmful situations. For example, Catfishing has become a serious crime, and the only reasonable solution is tracking software that can help you protect kids from such crimes.

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