How to Get into Game Designing: 5 Proven Ways to Break into the Game Design Industry

November 11, 2022

Game designing is an exciting, rewarding, and multi-faceted specialized field that employs creativity to visualize, ideate, conceptualize and design a game for entertainment or educational or exercise, or experimentation purposes. Game designer crafts compelling storylines, develop plots, and rules, build characters & giving them personality, design challenges, and user interfaces, develop levels, and puzzles, quiz, design sound effects, and VFX, etc. basis the client objectives as well as research and analysis of target audience, their psychology & socio-cultural environment besides market trends & technology, etc. Game Designers ensure that the language used in game development should facilitate its availability on multiple platforms, can be easily maintained as well open for updating and incorporation of new technologies like AI ML, Augmented reality, 3D, etc. 

Furthermore, Game Designers are concerned with driving interactions and consumer engagements with the objective to create immersive game experiences and revenues. 

5 Proven Ways to Break into the Game Design Industry

Showcase Your Work via Posts on Discussion Boards:

Discussion boards are not only read by aspiring game developers to seek knowledge but also by professional game developers who exchange ideas, seek information as well as an understanding of new trends, technologies, etc. Hence discussion boards can be a great platform for new entrants to showcase their work as well as their knowledge, thereby not only building connections but also getting a job. 


Design Your Own Games:

Aspiring game developers must gain experience by not only developing new games but also modifying the existing ones. In fact today there are many free-of-charge game engines available for you to create games. Besides this, much free software is also available that facilitate game creation through the development of game assets like building characters, designing environment and animations, etc. This will help in building your portfolio, which can be showcased at the time of job interviews.

Participate in Game Jams:

A game jam is a contest, in which participants work together in groups to create a game basis with a set theme within a stipulated time frame. Game jams offer a great opportunity to not only meet & network with others but also learn and gain experience in game design. Many times company reps participate as judges, mentors, and coaches and guide these aspirants with tips and tricks to break into the industry. 

Study Game Design courses in India:

Aspirants must join a college that equips them with competencies in technical tools that assist in developing engaging games. The curriculum must mentor students in behavioral and play psychology, besides facilitating in exploring the fundamentals of storytelling. Furthermore, the Game Design courses in India must be an amalgamation of theoretical as well as practical training. The college must boast well-equipped labs with state-of-the-art equipment. Besides this, the students must have regular interaction with industry experts so that they are abreast with the latest developments.   

Play Games:

To develop engaging games, aspirants must be not only well versed with the successful games of the past but also with what games are being currently pursued by players. The aspirants must understand the different types of games-educational games, entertainment games, games for health, etc. They should be capable of identifying the elements that need improvement, elements that work well, and elements that you can incorporate into your games to attract the maximum eyeballs. 

Register and convert your hobby into your profession.

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