Best Quiz Apps for Students

January 19, 2023

A quiz is the most common way to examine the knowledge and learning of students in a class. This is why it is commonly deployed for assessment in learning. With the infusion of technology in education, making the boring stuff fun is quite easy.

One such way is quiz apps that make the test fun to get involved in with interactive and engaging content. Built-in customizations allow for greater room for the teachers to adapt the material according to their needs and requirement.

At the same time, if you are a visual learner, this software helps you retain knowledge and facts with the addition of media in the form of animation and images. Thus the quiz websites, apps, and games are gaining traction with time.

So here we bring you the best quiz apps for students that can be helpful for both learners and teachers. Explore them and tell us which one you like the most and why.


Quizizz is a free quiz maker that can be found for both android and iOS as well as the web. This is a game-based quiz maker, aimed at boosting the learning of students. Using it, teachers can conduct pre-assessments, prepare homework assignments, make formative assessments, and post-assessments for learners of all age groups above four.

As an educator, you can just sign-up and get access to ready-made learning and fun quizzes in thousands. You don’t like the ready-made? Just create a new one catering to your needs.

For students, they can engage in these group assignments and fill the task at the pace of their choice. Once the task is complete, educators can view what questions were answered correctly or what needs further guidance and evaluate the performance of a student.


Encompassing web, android, and iOS, Kahoot is a free tool for student response. It allows educators to prepare and run multiple-choice questions. They can either create their own or search, find, edit and use already available public quizzes.

This app is a responsive, easy-to-use, and fun test maker that can clearly engage students and make learning engaging and enjoyable. As a teacher, you can create game-themed MCQs for your children of any age.

With built-in tools, these awesome-looking quizzes can hardly take a portion of your precious time, that you can put to other tasks. The app provides the option to create and manage live game competitions for students where you can project the work on a big screen and candidates can submit answers via an internet-connected computer or any other device.


One of the best quiz apps, Quizlet, is not just an application for this purpose, it is a flashcard tool for you built into it. A complete set for both teacher and students that can fulfill all the requirements.

The application is built for the web, iOS, and Android platforms, where you can run a quiz game, give study tools to students or create in-depth assessments. Experience the best of quiz world by installing and using this free resource with features that are better than pro in many cases.

Quizlet has come a long way, after initially starting as a flashcard tool. Now you can use it for study, assessment, and gaming to name a few options. Install it now and jump into the combo world of entertainment and learning.


In the list of free quiz apps, Plikers cannot be kept out of the list. An awesome application for teachers which they can use for classroom polling enhancing formative assessment. Here the educators can edit questions by adding images in addition to question texts.

The media can be integrated into various formats and types. Curate true/false or multiple choice and project them to the big screen. Now the students are asked to move their cards (paper clicker) in the position which, according to them, is the right answer.

Now, the instructors can use their devices to scan students’ responses and evaluate their performance over time. To conclude, Plickers is a free-to-use card game activity that engages the students at many levels.


If you are looking for a quiz app that focuses on student engagement, Gimkit is for you. It is an online test maker designed for teachers to engage students via live sessions or away from class.

It is not just a student-educator channel, here the learners can compete with each other and earn points. These virtual points can be used to shop for upgrades and powerups. The upgrades assist them in multiplying their money faster while powerups reduce the performance of other competitors.

Instructors can create quizzes and games on the application just by spending a few minutes. They can use the assignment option to assign homework to students and can also view detailed reports.


With varying features and options, quiz apps are a fun and engaging way of gaining and delivering knowledge. This not just saves time on the instructor’s side, it also enhances the information retention ability of learners. Tell us about your favorite in this list in the comments below.

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