Simple Tips to Help You Create a Successful Mobile App 2023

January 30, 2023

We live in the digital age, meaning apps are here to stay. That makes these products lucrative – only if you know how to design and market them well.

How do you succeed in building and selling a mobile application in 2023? Besides hiring a team that specializes in open-source mobile app development software (which you will know why later), we have a few more tips.

Know the Why

The how is easy, especially if you work with a reliable software development company. These people already have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to set up apps efficiently and quickly.

The hardest question is why. When you do not know the reason you are creating the platform in the first place, you are bound to fail miserably.

You can better answer this question with a few more queries:

  • Who is your target market? Do you want to get into B2B? Are you developing apps for your business?
  • Who are your competitors? What types of apps are they offering? Based on this information, how do you make yours different so it can stand out?
  • What are your goals? Do you want to make money out of it by offering in-app purchases or selling ad spots?
  • To know your app’s benefits, what problems are you trying to solve?

Document the Process

There are several reasons to get the app development process in writing:

  • You want to take care of the legalities, such as the terms of use, privacy policy, and disclaimers.
  • You can better manage disagreements with your team, clients, investors, or partners.
  • It also helps you stay organized and understand what to do next.
  • If you plan to build another one, the document can serve as a template.

To ensure everything is properly tracked, create and maintain a list of requirements specifying details such as desired features, visual elements, deadlines, technical specifications, and so on.


  • Update the list periodically as the development progresses.
  • Track milestones such as design drafts, coding progress, and more with project management software to keep stakeholders informed leading up to launch.
  • As the final step before launch day, do comprehensive QA testing to guarantee that any bugs will have been identified prior to going live.

Design Apps Using Open Source

Creating an app is no small endeavor. Making it even more challenging are several barriers, such as expensive software or complex coding techniques.

Designing apps with open-source software can take away some of the barriers that come with implementing an app idea. This platform:

  • Provides a library of code snippets, cutting down design time and cost associated with creating a mobile application.
  • Lets developers access the most up-to-date features and developments in their field that they can input into their creation to make it truly unique.
  • Allows for easy integration with other systems, making it possible to turn a concept into a reality.

An open-source platform is not the holy grail of mobile app development. It does have limitations, such as the inability to access certain features, like those offered by Apple. It can sometimes be less secure because of the lack of regulation.

For these reasons, we highly recommend working with a professional mobile app development team who specializes in your niche, the type of mobile app you want to build, and security.

Test the Mobile App before Release

Nothing compels a user to ditch the app faster than a bug or a crash. Before you take the app live, test it:

We suggest:

  • Conducting unit tests, checking a particular feature or line of code, and assessing if it executes as expected
  • Creating automated testing scripts that allow for consistent, repeatable tests
  • Doing manual checks for visual elements and usability
  • Running user acceptance tests where you have real users try the app out in its entirety

Create a Good Balance between Aesthetics and Functionality

The user experience should be a top priority when creating an app. You want users to have an enjoyable and seamless experience while using your products.

To achieve this, strike a good balance between aesthetics and functionality:

  • Ensure the design has a consistent look throughout, with easy navigation and clear descriptions for each feature.
  • Keep the user interface clean and uncomplicated. For example, focus on having no more than five to seven main sections in the navigation bar.
  • Make sure all elements are appropriate for the target audience and show an understanding of their needs. For example, offer various mobile font sizes to cater to older generations who might have trouble reading.

Hire a Business Analyst

Why do many apps fail? One of the biggest reasons is the failure to market the product properly. Many business owners and tech startups make the mistake of allowing software developers to help them promote the product.

Keep in mind that software developers are not marketing professionals.

That’s why it pays to hire a business analyst who can create and implement an effective strategy to help ensure the success of your app. A business analyst can:

  • Assess market trends and understand user needs
  • Create a detailed plan for introducing and launching the app
  • Optimize the app for better visibility in the market
  • Develop user engagement strategies to increase downloads and revenue

Pay Attention to Your Burn Rate

It’s easy to get carried away when developing a mobile app and lose track of the financial aspect. Before you launch, be sure to pay attention to your burn rate. This is especially important if you are bootstrapping the project or working with limited funds.

To keep costs in check:

  • Create a budget for the entire project.
  • Outsource specific tasks instead of hiring full-time resources.
  • Use cost-effective tools, such as open-source solutions and low-cost platforms for hosting.
  • Consider alternative payment models like free trials, subscription plans, and in-app purchases.


Creating a successful mobile app requires careful planning, analysis, and testing. You should also pay attention to the design elements and market your product properly. By following these tips, you can ensure that your app will stand out from the crowd and have greater success in 2023.

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