Is it Safe to Buy Cannabis Seeds with Credit Card?

By Ankit
April 12, 2023

Many reputable seed banks do not offer the option to pay with a credit card when you’re searching for marijuana seeds for sales. Is that a problem? Not necessarily.

Most big credit card companies like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are American, and they use networks operated by financial institutions under US law, which, believe it or not, still considers cannabis seeds to be a Class A drug. Thus, it’s no surprise that MasterCard and Visa aren’t leading the charge for legalization. Cannabis seeds are clearly not a drug, even when they are cultivated from cannabis plants.

Credit cards are among the easiest methods for making a secure purchase and are widely used as payment methods. It is especially important for Americans, Canadians, Brits, New Zealanders, and Australians, but it is also vital for people living everywhere else as well.

Purchasing cannabis seeds online is much more difficult if you don’t have the option of using a credit card. Especially since PayPal does not permit cannabis-related transactions either. Bank wire transfers, bitcoin payments, or cash payments by mail are the only methods you still have.

However, there is no need to worry!

It is Possible to Purchase Marijuana Seeds Online with a credit card!

Credit cards are accepted by many seed banks, so purchasing cannabis seeds with your credit card is a safe procedure.

We use an integrated 3D security service with a secure third party for credit card transactions. It sounds extremely technical, so disregard it. If you would like to buy cannabis seeds with a credit card, please let us know.

Are Marijuana Seeds Safe to Buy Using a credit card?

Credit card payment providers are allowing more and more customers to buy cannabis seeds using their cards. Furthermore, credit card purchases are secure. If there is a legitimate reason, you can also revoke a payment.

You should only use your credit card to purchase cannabis seeds from trusted seed shops like Zamnesia.
Payment by credit card is available at Herbies Seeds worldwide. Euro-based transactions are available through our website only. We do not charge a fee.

You should be aware that our website’s exchange rate may differ from your bank’s if your credit card’s working currency is not EUR.

Secure online payment systems are used to secure all transactions. Customer protection is provided through the payment service in the event of non-receipt of order.

Buying Cannabis Seeds Online with a Credit Card has Several Advantages

One should take precautions while using Cannabis and the same goes for the purchase of the edible. An everyday purchase can be made with a credit card, which is an important financial tool. It was only in the 1920s that credit cards were introduced in the United States, and now they are synonymous with convenience and security. You have sole responsibility for the payments you authorize using your card under this policy of personal liability protection. 

Your credit card will be protected if anyone gains access to it and tries to make a purchase.

Credit cards also offer the following benefits:

  • Credit establishment may be possible
  • Cashback or miles points can be earned as rewards.
  • Protecting credit cards from fraud
  • It is free to obtain credit score information.
  • International transactions are free of charge.
  • Increasing purchasing power.
  • An account like this does not have a direct link with a savings or checking account.
  • Make a reservation for a rental car or a hotel room.

How Can I Use My Credit Card to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

With a Mastercard, you can easily buy cannabis seeds. To begin, go to one of the seed banks listed above, which accepts credit cards or prepaid visa cards. The instructions provided by seed banks are vital since many of them do not accept credit cards. Once you arrive at their websites, you can browse the cannabis seeds that they have available. 

Simply add it to your cart and check out to find the right solution for your needs. Following the checkout process, you will be prompted to enter your shipping address and credit card information. This should be a straightforward process.

When a Credit Card Issuer Refuses to Pay, What Should I Do?

A credit card company may decline a credit card transaction occasionally. A credit card company may decline a transaction for security reasons. You may not be able to align the payment with your regular payment schedule in some cases. Alternatively, you may try using another card to make the purchase, or you may contact the credit card company to make the purchase possible. The settings can often be adjusted online with some banks.

Credit Cards Accepted by Seed Banks: A Summary

Most reputable seed banks accept credit cards now, and those that don’t will likely start accepting them soon. Don’t hesitate to contact Herbies if you have any further questions. One of our representatives will be in touch with you soon. 

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