Fedoras: How to Select a Summer Straw Hat for Men?

February 9, 2022

Many things like tailored clothing and necktie may have taken a backseat in fashion, but one of the traditional pieces of men’s wear, such as hats, has made a strong comeback. While headwear always had nuances, the new styles lean more toward authenticity and self-expression, carrying a mix of formal and informal touches. However, it doesn’t limit the occasions where you can don them. The style statements in their own right can go with sports coats and suits as effortlessly, without bothering about social etiquettes and norms. In this context, beanies and baseball caps can have a wide presence. But if you wish to wear something traditional and casual yet attractive, the choice of straw hat for summer can be the best bet.

For example, you can browse through straw fedora top hats for men. These hot weather classic designs tend to be advantageous for several reasons. First, the full brims can flatter your face without being floppy. Second, the crown gives your head a long look, while the bill complements your features. Since these are more relevant in spring, summer, and even sunny days, you can have quite a time with this versatile headwear. From worn-out jeans to t-shirts to chore coats to chinos and polo, you can pair it with any dress. Even linen pants and a safari jacket look can also feel accomplished with this hat on your head. 

Nevertheless, you can enjoy its full benefits only if, you get your hands on the right fit of swim hats. It requires a few considerations, though. So, let’s take a quick look.

Shopping for a Fedora Hat in the Straw Material

Identify Your Size

A hat has to be a snug fit without being too tight or loose. To understand this, you can take the size of your head with a tape measure. Wrap it around your skull right above your ears and the bump at the back. The centimeters or the diameter will reveal the size you require.

Get the Right Color

Like any other part of the attire, the shade of the hat also has significance in your wardrobe. The right tint can balance your overall appearance with its good presence. But if you fail to get the proper tone, the whole look can spoil. Style experts believe that starting with a color like tan can be significant. And if you find anything in a little loose weave having a very soft peanut butter color, it can be incredible. You can visit Americanhatmakers.com for an idea. The hat can have a casual appearance compared to traditional cream straw hats, but it can be a welcome feature in your otherwise typical men’s closet.

Test Its Comfort

Some hats can shrink after a few uses. But, then, some straw hats may not retain their shape. That’s why you have to ensure that you choose the comfortable one that can accompany you for a long time. Of course, size can play a critical role in this. 

Choose a Fuller Brim

If you are new to a hat, it is quite possible to pick something for its aesthetic appearance randomly. For example, you can buy a stingy brim for its subdued conspicuous trait. But such brim styles may not flatter your facial profile. Or, if you go with traditional large brims, you can struggle to adjust to this, especially when you don’t have much experience in headwear. To avoid this entire dilemma, go for a hat with about 2″ to 2.5”. 

As said, fedora styles can go with any attire. Whether you want to create a sophisticated look with a linen suit or a casual beach appearance with swim shorts, the straw-based fedora hats can bring in perfection. You can expect to look your best no matter where you go and what you pair it with on the go. From a beach wedding to a summer festival to a derby to a pub, you can wear this fashion accessory just about anywhere to light up your mood. Still, it is common sense that how you wear your headwear makes an enormous impact. You can put it flat on your head or angle it a bit. While the first style is more conservative, the latter one helps you play with a confident vibe. 

No matter what outcome you prefer with your style of wearing straw-styled fedoras, make sure you navigate it carefully. The more you pay attention to its presence and tap into it, the more you can benefit from its contribution to your overall ensemble. If you achieve this, your hesitation about other hat styles can vanish soon. You may become experimental and try many more varieties. Wearing a hat doesn’t have any social implication, but it conveys your personality and establishes it. To be precise, it can be an easy way to get your individuality talking merely with one single addition to your dressing.

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