How to Set up Digital Signage for Your Franchise

April 21, 2022

One way to build and maintain customer loyalty is by providing a consistent product or service experience across a franchise business. Customer perception is critical to achieving this, and there is no better way than to set up digital signage to manage digital content. The good thing is that the digital signage enterprise is made up of thousands of successful entrepreneurs, and choosing one with a good reputation for your digital signage needs shouldn’t be a challenge. If you want to consider converting your current business to a digital signage franchise, you can learn more about your own franchise here

What is Digital Signage?

Signs, in general, are an excellent way for people to communicate effectively with others in their day-to-day activities. From guiding us when driving to showing directions within a building, signage plays a significant role. Digital signage, from the name, refers to promotional signs about a particular business displayed across a TV or monitor. The signage images are rendered to the screen by a digital signage player and include software to manage the content. Businesses use technology in various categories to boost brand awareness and increase sales and profit. 

Franchise digital signage involves all the digital signs a particular business venture uses across its locations, locally or internationally. 

Develop Your Content Library 

The first natural thing to do is to develop your content assets. Select images, videos, and any other presentations you would like displayed and upload them to your library. To manage the content efficiently, organize it in clearly labeled folders. Having the content organized will make it easier to edit or replace your content when needed. To get the best out of your content, you should ensure it is eye-catching and showcases various aspects of the target brand or service. The content should be appropriate and timely for the optimum benefit and to avoid confusing customers. 

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Settle for the Best Hardware 

You’ll need to find the proper hardware and media devices such as TV sets to deploy the digital content successfully. The good thing is that digital signage hardware is not as expensive as it once was initially. Evaluate the hardware and content transmission quality within your business franchise and note areas you might want to consider improving. For instance, you might want to replace your standard TV set with a smart TV for internet connection and increased online features. 

You can also use affordable smart media devices like Chromecast with Google TV to convert your standard screen into a smart one. If your presentation is mainly text, you may want to have a larger screen to accommodate the smaller elements of the text. 

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Set Up Your Digital Signage Software 

Depending on your needs, efficient signage software should always ensure the whole system works as expected. It should always ensure that the content uploaded on the screen is timely and relevant and can be managed with ease from anywhere. The software should also make it easy to monitor the health of the display screens by alerting the IT team of a non-working or malfunctioning screen. The good thing is that most digital signage providers have moved from relying on traditional and slow DVD players and USB sticks to channel content to using more sophisticated and faster digital software solutions. 

Set Your Loops 

By name, loops are periodic rotations of content on your screens. Determine how particular long displays are going to be aired and their frequency. You might need some promotional displays aired more than others. You can create as many loops as you like depending on the information you want to pass to your customers at select times. 

High-Speed Internet Connection and Reliable Power 

No matter the hardware or software selection you choose, the success of your digital signage will also depend significantly on the availability of a high-speed hardwired internet connection to ensure content is pulled in a timely fashion from the cloud. Hardwiring the internet connection will help prevent lag, buffering, and picture pixelation issues. For a more professional and impactful presentation, make sure the wires are not visible across the floor when you set up your internet connection. Besides internet connectivity, you’ll also need a reliable power connection for your screens (s). At the internet connection lines, power lines should also not be exposed. 

After ensuring all the needed infrastructure is in place, the final part is the installation process. It’s advisable to work with a reputable digital signage firm to make the process less tedious, as you won’t have to worry about logistics and other requirements. 

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