Day Trading Cryptocurrency: Strategies, Risks, and More

By Joseph
November 7, 2022

Did you know that 16 percent of adults in the United States of America own some form of cryptocurrency? Day trading cryptocurrency is gaining a lot of traction for people that have a strong understanding of blockchain technology as well as the crypto market. It’s no secret that crypto trading comes with volatility but if you have a strong strategy you can grow your wealth in a hurry.

A lot of success with day trading cryptocurrency comes from choosing the best crypto coins to invest in as well as finding a reputable crypto exchange. The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn all about the different strategies that you can use to start making money off of the crypto market.

Keep reading to learn more about crypto investing strategies and the pros and cons of investing in the crypto market today!

What is Crypto Day Trading?

Day trading with cryptocurrencies is gaining a lot of popularity because it’s a great way to grow your money quickly. It’s not unusual for the value of a cryptocurrency to fluctuate by up to 10 percent on a given day. The crypto exchange is also open 24/7, which sets it apart from the stock exchange.

As the demand for a cryptocurrency rises it’s normal for the value to go up since supply can’t meet the demand from the market. If there is a surplus of coins then odds are that the value of your cryptocurrency coins will drop.

Making the most of day trading with cryptocurrency comes down to having a strong strategy that you stick to no matter what. Here’s a closer look at some of the most successful strategies for crypto trading out there.

Range Trading

One of the most popular strategies that day traders use when they start getting into investing in the best crypto is range trading. Range trading is the perfect strategy to use when you notice that a particular cryptocurrency fluctuates within the same range on a regular basis.

You’ll need to take some time to study the crypto market around that type of coin in order to set the low and high range of fluctuations. You can monitor the coin and start investing in it when the volatility of the market causes the coin to dip into the low range of value. From there, you wait until the value rises to the high range and then you proceed to sell your coins for a profit.

The main cause of the fluctuation in value is trading done by a major crypto trader. These big-time traders have the ability to manipulate the market cap on certain crypto coins by buying or selling large quantities of coins. Keep in mind that even the most stable forms of cryptocurrency are bound to fluctuate at some point or another.

Use the relative strength index to have an easier time finding the right zones to sell or buy in. It will make turning a profit from crypto trading a walk in the park.


Another option that you can use when you start day trading with cryptocurrency is scalping. Scalping involves using the market volatility against buyers and sellers and in your favor. You’ll need to keep a close eye on your favorite coins in order to know when to sell and when to buy.

The best way to go about scalping is to buy coins as soon as the price drops a little and then wait. At some point during the same day, you could sell them if the price goes up.

If you get consistent and stick with this strategy you could walk away from each workday with some massive gains for your bank accounts. Some day traders even use automated bots to make the process of buying and selling in rapid fashion a breeze.


Arbitrage is another way that you can make some additional money through day trading crypto. The best way to get started with arbitrage is to understand crypto signals and to find the best deals in other crypto exchanges. Once you’ve made some smart investments you can start selling your new coins on a different crypto exchange at a different (and higher) price.

It’s not uncommon for different countries to have a higher price for coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum versus the United States. It makes a lot of sense to use that to your advantage by purchasing crypto coins in the United States market and selling them abroad for more.

The spread, or the price difference between the two markets, isn’t always massive so you need to remain alert about the crypto trading market. That said, you can turn some nice profits by taking advantage of the arbitrage crypto trading strategy.

Bot Trading

As mentioned earlier, many crypto traders are trusting their trading strategies to automated bots that do the trading on their behalf. Creating or using these crypto trading bots is a great idea because it allows you to conduct more than one crypto trade at a time. It also allows you to buy or sell crypto at different times during the day or when you’re on the go.

If you have an experience with software programming then it should be a pretty simple task to create and automate a crypto trading bot. You can get a lot more out of each day by handing the reins to these crypto trading experts.

Keep Up With the News

The most basic option out there when it comes to day trading cryptocurrency is to keep up with the news and current events to determine when you should start buying and selling crypto on the crypto exchange. The news from strong industry sources will keep you updated with everything that is going on in the world of crypto.

These experts are also likely to use their expertise to try to forecast or predict the crypto signals and crypto market going forward. You can use their knowledge and information and apply it to your own crypto strategies in order to turn a larger profit. Twitter is also a great resource if you’re trying to stay on top of the crypto market.

Use Technical Analysis

Technical analysis also provides a great strategy when it comes to crypto trading and growing your wealth. This technical analysis is perfect for getting more information about the best investments that you can make. Think of this investing strategy as similar to those used by people that trade on the stock exchange.

You can use information about the price history for the coin as well as the market demand metrics. There are crypto signals in that information that you can use to determine the best investment opportunities for your hard-earned money. The Money Flow Index is a great tool to use in order to tell if the crypto market will go up or down over the coming days.

Risks of Day Trading Cryptocurrency

You need to be aware of the fact that day trading cryptocurrency carries a good amount of risk. Cryptocurrencies are much more volatile than traditional stocks and bonds. You need to dive into the risks associated with investing in the best crypto in order to know what to look out for.

Having an idea of what to expect gives you a much better chance for success with crypto trading, especially if you’re inexperienced with cryptocurrencies. Here’s a closer look at some of the things that cause crypto traders to fail.

Poor Automation

No one can stay at their computer and day trade for 24 hours each day. Having an automated bot help you with your trading and crypto transactions will do wonders for your returns on investment. Bots will trade with no emotion involved, which is great because it means that you’ll make sound decisions.

Trading discipline is also much better when you trade with a bit of help from an automated bot. You can trade quicker and your automated bot will make sure that your cryptocurrency investment portfolio is quite diverse. You’re missing out if you opt not to use automation to help you with your day trading needs.

Misreading the Crypto Signals

It’s a good idea to learn more about the crypto market before you try to read the crypto signals out on the market. If you don’t understand the crypto signals on the market then you won’t find much success with crypto trading even with the best tools and resources at your disposal.

It’s a good idea to take an online course or to read a few books about using a crypto exchange and how to find success with crypto trading. You can view the different places where you can buy or trade cryptocurrencies and the best places to increase your profits.

Using the Wrong Tools

As with any career, it’s difficult to do a great job if you don’t have the right tools. Take some time to go online and look up the best tools to use for day trading cryptocurrency. There are some tools that are perfect for different trading strategies, while others will help you make the most of certain trading environments.

You need to remember that not every strategy will work well for day trading. You should think about which digital wallets you want to use as well since some are easier to use and transfer assets to than others. That’s a big deal since every second counts with day trading.

Putting Too Much Stock in Analytics

Analytics are great and they can give you a much better idea of the past and present performance of a cryptocurrency. You can also use these statistics to try to forecast or predict how a certain currency will do over the coming days and months. These tools are great for arming yourself with the most information possible prior to making a decision.

The downside is that you could become too reliant on these analytics to make a decision and invest in the best crypto. You need to take some time to examine the bigger picture if you want to make the most money possible off of the crypto exchange.

Benefits of Crypto Day Trading

Now that you know some of the risks and drawbacks of crypto day trading it’s time to look at the benefits. Choosing to day trade on the crypto market offers the chance to enhance your financial status while giving you a career path that allows you to create your own work hours.

You can also enter a long-term or short-term investment position when you start your crypto trading career. Short-term trading is best if you think that the coin that you want will go down in value in the near future. A long-term trading option is to find a coin that is forecasted to dip in value before increasing again down the road.

It’s also great because it allows you to try out a number of different trading strategies in order to find out which one is best for your skill set. Everyone has a different personality, so it makes sense that different strategies work better for different people.

It also gives you the chance to maximize your earnings thanks to the volatility often found in the crypto market. It’s not unusual for a coin’s value to rise by 10 percent in a single day. You could end up bringing in a massive return on your investment with a few simple trades during your typical day.

Best of all, you’ll have the chance to trade at any time on any day of the year. The crypto market is always open so you’ll have no problems trading when you want.

Start Your Day Trading Cryptocurrency Career

Now is the perfect time to dive into a career of day trading cryptocurrency if you want a chance to grow your wealth. You have a number of successful crypto trading strategies that you can apply while reading the crypto signals of the market. Make sure to use automated bots to help you with your trading, and don’t become too reliant on market analytics.

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