Six Best Subjects to Study in Fall 2023

January 20, 2023

With university application deadlines looming closer, this is easily the most confusing time for a student. Some students have their plans sorted from the start. Whether they’re following in the footsteps of someone they admire or chasing a lifelong passion, it can be easier for them to narrow down on subjects to study. For others, though, the journey can be a little more complicated.

If you haven’t decided what major to opt for yet, that’s okay. Many students find it challenging to pick a major they’re interested in and one that offers them good job prospects. As our world rapidly changes, you’ll realize that popular subjects are more diverse than ever. If you still don’t know where to start, don’t fret. Keep reading below for the best subjects to study this fall. 

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MBA in Healthcare Administration 

No sector has seen such rapid growth as the healthcare sector in recent years. The pandemic has led to a tremendous boom in the need for healthcare professionals of all kinds. This increased demand hasn’t just been limited to doctors, nurses, and paramedics. Rather, it also includes people working in administrative and managerial roles. 

If you’ve always wanted to work in healthcare but have a low threshold for blood, broken bones, and other unpleasant sights, an MBA in healthcare administration might be fit for you. This MBA program helps you work in various administrative areas in healthcare. These can include economics, policymaking, administration, insurance, and more. Moreover, the program is easy to complete online, and you can learn flexibly. With an MBA program in healthcare administration, you can serve the local community by improving healthcare practices and making quality care more accessible to patients.

Computer Science and Information Technology 

These are two of the most burgeoning fields globally, and the need for professionals is only slated to increase in the coming years. Technology is the future, and information systems, data, and cybersecurity are crucial to keeping up with digital transformation. With a computer science degree, you can work as a software engineer, web developer, or systems analyst, to name a few professions. 

Information technology also allows you to work in similar areas such as data scientist, computer systems analyst, software developer, and more. As most businesses integrate smart technologies into their framework, both fields will grow manifold. The recent pandemic has highlighted the importance of skills and know-how in these subjects, and without them, it would have been impossible for businesses to prevail. With hybrid business and work models becoming the norm in the future, the market for CS and IT professionals is expected to grow by 10.36% By 2030. 


Advertising is another exciting subject to study if you’re looking to keep up with rapidly changing marketing trends. Although advertising is by no means a new profession, it has seen some drastic changes in recent years. With social media and the internet, advertising has evolved completely. Traditional methods, such as pamphlets, ads in newspapers, and even TV commercials, aren’t as relevant in a digital environment. 

An advertising degree can help you understand consumer behavior, identify their needs, and design effective content to generate leads and sales. It can also help you enhance customer loyalty for the brands you work for. Social media makes it easier than ever for small businesses to market and sell, and almost every business needs a dedicated advertising team to attract clients. This is also a subject that can help you exercise your creativity and analytical skills for a fun and fulfilling job experience. 


Architecture is an excellent pick if you’re looking for an artistic option. Like the other options on this list, architecture has seen tremendous evolution over the decades. Architecture is an art form and has had several movements through the years. The current trends in architecture focus on sustainability and green living, which is a paramount need of the hour. 

With cities growing into concrete jungles, 21st-century architecture now focuses on bringing back green spaces to promote healthier living. These strategies also help minimize the human impact upon the environment and protect the environment for generations to come. As an architect, you won’t have any shortage of work opportunities. You can work in the private sector, on housing projects, in public areas, and more. Similarly, you can work with governmental agencies and help design better living spaces for various communities and tastefully designed public spaces. 


If you’ve had the opportunity to bond with a teacher through your life, you’ll know just how special this relationship can be. A good teacher can be one of the most profound influences on your life and help you unlock your full potential as an individual. If you want to influence others’ lives in a similar way, working in education can be the best option to pursue. 

Studying education can allow you to understand the best teaching methods to influence all your students. These methods can help you communicate well, assume leadership positions, and ensure every student understands the curriculum. Moreover, the education sector also focuses on revamping the educational curriculum to ensure that students have access to the most relevant information today. Jobs in the education sector are thus expected to grow by 10%, which is faster than some professions. Whether you’re working with primary students or at a university level, your career will likely be incredibly fulfilling and satisfying. 


Psychology is one of the fastest-growing niches today, given mental health’s changing perceptions. Holistic well-being is now a preference for all, and it includes mental and physical well-being. Therefore, by studying psychology, you can help people achieve their wellness goals by working as a counselor or specialist.

Working as a psychologist allows you to help people come to terms with some of the most painful moments in their lives. Psychologists profoundly impact their clients and foster healthy coping habits with time. Psychology can thus be an excellent subject to study if you’re interested in understanding how the human mind, cognition, and emotions function. 


Moving on to higher education can be a daunting yet exciting step. Picking any of these subjects can prepare you for a fulfilling and lucrative career ahead, where you can avail ample job opportunities. However, these subjects aren’t just about the money. They can also help you attain professional and personal development and profoundly impact your community. So, make a choice and get ready to study that subject this fall.

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