How To Activate Zeus Network on Your Smart Devices in Easy Steps?

January 10, 2023

Zeus Network is a subscription-based OTT platform that offers influencer-driven content. Launched in 2018, Zeus network quickly became one of the most popular platforms with shows like Crazy in Love, Bad Boys Houston & Los Angeles.

The Zeus Network

With new episodes premiering every week, Zeus Network is a platform that you shouldn’t miss out on. Going through the link, you can connect it to your smart devices and access the whole database. 

If you’re interested in influencer content then Zeus Network is the best platform for you. It offers both scripted & unscripted content, and you can become a member by paying just $5.99 per month or $59.99 for a year. 

You can activate the Zeus Network on your smart devices through the information below. The Zeus Network can be activated on devices like Roku TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV & other major Smart devices. The Zeus Network Activation Code helps log in with the network, and you can see how the process works below. 

You’ll find the process similar to how the USA Network activation process

How Does Code Work?

The Zeus Network activate code is a pin that can be used to access Zeus Network from a smart device. The activation code is used during the logging-in process. Inserting this code during the sign-in process will allow you to access Zeus Network content.

This activation code allows easy access to the Zeus Network which you can use to connect with any smart device you have. 

How To Sign in to Zeus Network?

If you’re not a member of Zeus Network then you should become one as only members can access its database. You can follow the procedure below step by step and sign up for the Zeus Network.

  1. Go to
    go to
  1. Click on Subscribe Now.
    click on subscribe now
  1. Choose Your Subscription Plan.
    choose your subscription plan
  1. Enter your Mail ID & Password.
    enter mail id and password
  1. Enter Payment Details.
    enter payment details
  1. Click on Start Subscription.
    click on start subscription

After this, you will be able to use code to access Zeus Network from your smart devices. 

Which Devices are Compatible With Zeus Network?

Compared to other subscription services Zeus Network is compatible with only a limited number of smart devices, but it can still manage to connect with all the major smart TVs like Roku TV, Apple TV, Android TV & Fire TV.

devices compatible with Zeus network

How To Use Code on Fire TV?

Here’s the process on how to activate Zeus Network on Fire TV:

  1. Download Zeus to your Fire TV.
    download Zeus on Fire TV
  1. Open Zeus Network Channel.
  1. Click on Sign-in.
  1. Note Down the Activation Code.
  1. Go to on another browser.
  1. Log in to your account & Insert the Activation Code.
  1. Click on Activate.

Completing this process, Zeus Network will now be available on your Fire TV.

How To Use Code on Apple TV?

To make Zeus Network activate on your Apple TV you need to have a 4th generation Apple TV otherwise the process below will not work.

  1. Open App Store & search for Zeus.
    open the App store & search for Zeus
  1. Download Zeus & open it.
  1. Select Sign-in.
  1. Note down the Activation Code.
  1. Search for from a browser.
  1. Log in to your account.
  1. Insert the Activation Code.
  1. Watch Zeus on Apple TV.

How To Use Code on Android TV?

Android TV is highly compatible with Zeus Network, even the first-generation Android TV can support Zeus on it. Here is the full process:

  1. Download the Zeus App on your Android TV.
    download Zeus App on Android TV
  1. Start the Zeus app & click on the Sign-in option.
  1. Note down the Activation Code.
  1. Log in from
  1. Insert the Activation Code.
  1. Wait for the app to refresh and then access Zeus content.

How To Use Code on Roku TV?

Make sure that you have a 3rd generation Roku device for at least 1080p playback and a 4th generation for up to 4K playbacks.

Follow the process below to make Zeus Network activate on Roku TV:

  1. Add Zeus to your Roku TV.
    add Zeus on Roku TV
  1. Start the Zeus App.
  1. Click on Sign in.
  1. Note down the Activation Code.
  1. Go to and log in.
  1. Insert the Activation Code.
  1. Wait for a reload.

How To Use Code on Mobile Device?

The process for Android, iPhone & iPad users is given below:

  1. Go to the App Store.
    go to the App store
  1. Search for Zeus App.
  1. Download & Start the Zeus App.
  1. Click on Sign in.
  1. Insert your Email & Password.

What Should I Do If The Zeus Network Activate Code Doesn’t Work?

If you followed all the steps above and the Zeus Network activate code still didn’t work then you are probably not doing it right. In this case, it is possible that either you’re putting the Activation code wrong or you took too long to insert the code and now it is invalid.

Going through the Zeus Activate process the activation code you have received is generated by the Zeus Network. To successfully access Zeus from the smart device you need to insert the right activation code, and putting the wrong code will do nothing.

You also need to insert the activation code as soon as possible. The code you have received is only valid for a minute or two, after which it won’t work. So make sure not to waste any time.

What to Do If the Zeus Network Activate Code is not Available?

If you clicked on sign-in and no activation code is available then you can instead just use another method and insert your email address and password to connect Zeus Network with any device you have.

Zeus Network is still new and since it is not as advanced as other streaming services it is possible that some pages are not working properly. If the activation code is not available then you can go through the process below.

  1. Open the Browser on your Smart TV.
  1. Go to
    go to
  1. Insert your Email Address.
    insert your email address
  1. Insert your Password.
    insert your password
  1. Click on Sign in.
    click on sign in

Doing this will do the same job as going through www.thezeusnetwork/activate page.


Ans: Zeus Network was launched on 13th June 2018.

Ans: You can find shows like Chrisean & Blueface: Crazy In Love, Baddies West, The Conversation, and Life with Lil Tay.

Ans: No, after inserting the code and going through the process, you won’t have to log in again on the device.

Ans: No, as of now Zeus doesn’t offer any free trial but users can avail of promo codes to get an additional discount on the service.

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