10 Crazy Things to Do in Bali

February 9, 2022

There are a plethora of attractions and activities for tourists to be part of on their Bali vacation. Popularly known to be one of the most sought-after destinations, Bali continues to witness a flood of tourists from varied parts of the world. The region is filled with diversity in culture, rich heritage, amazing food, stunning views, spectacular beaches and so much more. Bali gives tourists umpteen opportunities to be part of activities that are bound to linger through their memories for a long time to come. 

For the adventure lover and mystery seeker in you, we’ve listed out some of the top 10 crazy things to do on your Bali tour package. Find everything you need to know about these places below. 

Walk on the Seabed

We’re sure you’ve been through a good number of adventure activities, but has sea walking ever been on your list? Tourists are in for a delightful experience, as they’re able to walk through the sea beds of the crystal clear waters of the ocean. The bluish-green water, coupled with the incredible sight of tropical fish – coated with beautifully bright and distinct colors is an out-of-the-world sight in itself. If you’ve tried a hand at snorkeling or some of the other amazing water sports that Bali has to offer and have missed out on this, you’re most definitely missing out on one of the greatest adventures. The very marine diversity that you experience is a whole new feeling altogether. Tourists need to ensure they follow the instructions of the guides to the tee. 

Party with Frankenstein

If you’re a horror enthusiast, be sure to head over to the ‘Frankenstein’s Laboratory,’ and dine in their most applauded horror-themed room. Tourists enjoy a good meal along with a cabaret show, dancing with supposedly dead individuals and so much more. The place also has some amazing music to get you in the grooves. There are all sorts of horror creatures featured in the laboratory – vampires, monsters and so much more. 

Swim with Sharks

What could be more crazy or adventurous than actually swimming with some of the ocean’s most dangerous sea life? Bali provides tourists with an opportunity to swim with the sharks, in a natural environment and maybe also feed them a meal or so. This attraction is availed as part of the Bali conversion program that is offered.

Play Mud Games

The rich cultural history that Bali has cannot be undermined in any state. The local people enjoy embracing their agricultural livelihood in the best of ways. Playing a varied number of mud games happens to be one of them. Tourists are now given an opportunity to be part of this Balinese traditional sport and maybe even indulge in a game or two through the process. If you’re all pumped up about the sport, tourists could also try a hand at ‘Mepantigan,’ commonly known as mud wrestling. 

Visit the Dead

For those of you, who would like to cross all limits and most definitely try something that’s daring. A visit to the highlands of Bali has got to be on your bucket list. The Trunyan people of the region are known for their traditional culture of accumulating dead bodies and laying them around an ancient tree. The bodies are allowed to decompose and surprisingly the area is found to have no unpleasant odor. So if you’re looking for a supposedly fascinating sight, you’ve got it!

Visit Abandoned Places

Bali also has a few abandoned places that have been maintained as intriguing spots for years to come. The two major attractions being – two abandoned airplanes lying ideal for no good reason in particular. Tourists visit these places out of sheer curiosity and wonder what the reason could be behind their existence. Another frequently visited attraction would be the ‘Taman Festival Amusement Park,’ which has an abandoned location of its own.

Try Extreme Water Sports

The region is also known to be the water sports haven, you’re sure to fall in love with. Offering some of the wildest and adventure watersport activities, Bali offers tourists possibly every water sport activity they can think of. Snorkeling, Banana boats, Surfing, Paragliding, Flyboard – you name it and they’ve got it. Get ready to have the time of your life and make memories for a long time to come. 

Get a Tattoo 

Bali is flooded with a large number of tattoo parlors that are both safe and affordable. So if you’re looking for a permanent representation of your vacation or are just hoping to get a memory etched forever while in Bali, do not hesitate to do so! Tourists who are looking for a temporary tattoo as well can avail themselves of the umpteen temporary options that are up for grabs. 

Ride a Submarine

The ‘Odyssey Submarine,’ gives tourists an experience they’ll cherish forever. If you would love to explore the depths of the ocean and witness sights like never before, hop onto the submarine and be amazed. Tourists take a dive that’s about 30 meters deep and uncover the unseen beauty of the marine underworld. Explore a whole new world altogether, as you travel through the unending waters of the beautiful ocean.

Try the Fireball Jump

Just when you think you’ve tried it all, Bali throws yet another adventure at you. The ‘Fireball Jump,’ enables tourists to be suited into a fireproof suit and they are set on fire. Out of sheer nervousness and inability to process the way out, tourists make their way to the deep water dip. At this point, nothing seems more rewarding than the thought of water to soothe your senses. So if you’re looking for all things crazy, this is as crazy as it can get!
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