Everything To Know If You Are Sharing Your Bed With Your Pet

February 9, 2022

We all love our pets and love to spend more quality time with them. Thus, many of the pet owners not only prefer to spend quality time with them when awake but would also prefer to take them to bed along with them. Many find it relaxing and many are so much close to their pets that they just cannot leave them alone. Sleeping with pets might be relaxing as petting your pet dog or cat releases oxytocin in the brain that makes you feel less stressed and more relaxed when you sleep with them.

Though there are some health hazards to it they can be overcome with proper medication and training. Though there is a specific quality mattress for pets once your pet joins you in your bed you have to be very specific about the size and material of your mattress. If you are going to sleep alone then you can go with twin xl beds but having a pet would require you to go for full-size beds. A comparative analysis between twin xl vs full mattress will help you find your ideal mattress.

A twinXL bed has a dimension of 38 inches in width and 80 inches in length. This mattress can be used by adult and college students as well. A full-size bed is 54 inches wide and 74 inches long. 

After having a brief idea about what the ideal size of your mattress will be that you must be drawn towards the specifics of the quality of the bed. Again, if you are a couple or a family and think that it will be idle for your kid and your partner to accompany a dog while sleeping then you would be needing a bigger bed to accompany all of you together in a bed. Therefore, you must also make a comparative analysis between California king vs queen mattresses to accompany all your family in the bed.

Queen-size beds can adjust two people but with limited extra space. The dimensions of the Queen Size Beds are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. California King size, on the other hand, is the longest mattress in the market and is available on demand. This mattress has a total dimension of about 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. California king mattresses are also fit for couples wanting extra space. 

After deciding on the size and quality of the mattress then you can initiate the sales process that can help you find the right mattress with the proper warranty and value.

Benefits Of Sharing The Bed With Your Pet

Sleeping with pets strengthens your emotional bonds with them, They create a positive emotion that can help reduce much of the anxiety level that is usually associated with insomnia. Pets are just hotter creatures that make you warmer and cozy while sleeping. Patting on their back can make you feel less stressed and more relaxed. No matter how big or small your pet is it makes you feel safer and secure. When you sleep as a family it has a positive impact on the mental health of your kid and makes them happier while growing up with the pets.  

Risks Of Sharing Bed With Your Pet

Besides the potential benefits of sleeping with pets, some risks are associated while sleeping with pets like if you are a light sleeper pets might just wake you up when they shift their position in their bed, rustle and act out of their dreams and jingle their collars while sleeping. Besides disturbing sleep, there are also some potential health risks while sleeping with your pet. Allowing pets in the bedroom might just aggravate your pet allergies or asthma and make it more difficult for individuals to breathe. Pet danders and allergens left on the surface last for long after the pets have left. It is recommended to have heap filters if your pet is sleeping with you in the bedroom. Your pet has to be regularly vaccinated and medicated to keep it in good health and save you and your family from meningitis and other pet-related diseases. Dogs when they tend to sleep with you might develop dominance and aggression issues as they gain more terrorism as per with you, but such issues can be resolved with training.

Sleeping with your pets might be emotionally and mentally comforting but it takes an upgrade in your bedroom to be able to do so.

Best Mattress For You And Your Pet

While sleeping with pets you must consider the fact that your pet will move around a lot and you would need a mattress that will have superior motion transfer. Memory foam mattresses are ideal mattresses for this occasion because the foam while confirming to your body will sink lightly into the bed and would be less disturbed by your moving pet. Apart from memory foam mattresses if motion transfer is not a bigger issue for you. You can always look for latex mattresses as they are organically made and act naturally resistant to dust mites, allergens, bacteria, and fungi.

After finalizing the type of mattress that you would prefer you must also consider the size of the mattress as we have already discussed above. If you have a teenage kid that wants to sleep with a pet consider providing them with a twin XL or full mattress to buy you as a family wants to share your bed with your pet then you must consider a California king or queen mattress.

Air Purifiers And HEPA Filters

If your kid and pet are sharing the room it is very important to have an air filter in your house as it removes particulates from fur, feathers, saliva, urine, and other animal odor. The highly efficient HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter helps in tapping pet dust and dander.

Hypoallergenic Mattress Cover

Hypoallergenic mattress cover reduces the allergy symptoms as these tightly woven mattresses prevent dust mites, bed bugs, and pet dander from getting inside your mattress.

Pet Hair Friendly Bedding

Pet hairs sticking onto your bed can be a big dilemma, therefore sheets made of tightly woven cotton-like percale 100% linen, linen-cotton blends, or microfibers either resists pet hair or makes it easier for you to clean your bed after it has been shared with your pet. The thickness of the weave of these materials resists pet hair, but they also resist tears and damages from your pet`s claws.


Pets are sometimes an important part of our lives that gives us emotional comfort. They also reduce stress and insomnia. It is also recommended by doctors to let your kids grow up with pets that make their bonding strong and gives them a perfect emotional character. Therefore, many families or some young teens have started sharing their beds with their pets. Though there are both advantages and disadvantages to your pets sharing your beds they can all be overcome with a little training, medication, and hygiene. Choosing the right size and quality of the mattress is also important as it has well been recorded above and having a HEPA air purifier is also a must if you are sharing your bed with your pet.

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