Tips for An Esports Rookie

By Vedwik
June 18, 2021

Gaming has always been a great way to entertain yourself and have a great time, but to play for recognition and fame, that is a whole different story. Read this blog in case you are planning to enter the esports arena anytime soon as we have brought some important tips that can help you out in the long run.

Here are a Few Tips That Can Help You in The Esports World As A Newbie

1. Start slow

Every game has some proficiency levels where the players can begin, so depending on your skillset, you can choose from where you want to begin. In case you are a rookie and have zero knowledge of that game, we suggest that you start from the very beginning. 

Any sort of tutorial, YouTube videos, other players talking about their experiences, and any other place where you can find information about the game. You need to make sure of the fact that you are prepared otherwise the game surroundings will make you nervous.

Most people find it quite difficult as to which game they should pick to be an ace at. While most people opt for FPS shooter games, you can also try racing or mobile games in case you do not like action that much. 

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2. Make new friends along with inviting your friends to play with you

In case you feel a bit nervous about the whole esports thing and do not want to enter this seemingly different world alone, you can invite some friends as that is a good option for getting some company. Together you and your friends can learn new strategies, improvise, and even reach a whole different level in that game. 

The best part about all of this is that you get to interact with new people. You will not like everyone but at least this way you will make new friends.

3. Making a safe and healthy environment

The players need to make sure that irrespective of the age, players think of the online community as a safe place. Many gaming communities just like the f95zone offer features that allow the users to block someone in case the other individual is toxic or if he or she is pulling off something that they are not supposed to. 

You can also make sure that the players do not have to put up with the wrong company in case he or she is not an adult by blocking all non-essential communications so he or she can only talk and interact with his or her friends. 

4. Be moderate about your spending

Most of the games online say that they are “free to play” which attracts a lot of eyes. Since we all love free things, it only adds to the popularity of that game in particular. It is all fun and games as you download that game, install it, and start playing it up until there comes a point in the game where you need to have additional loot or points to progress to the next level. 

This leaves you with two options, you can either pay for that game and make progress right away or you can spend a few more hours on the system and then rejoice in your hard-earned progress. But you should be aware of the fact that once you get used to spending money, there is no going back. 

Gaming addiction is one of the more serious problems in the modern world especially when it comes to spending money on game accessories, which is why you need to make sure of the fact that you are aware of this addiction at all times.

These are some of the major factors that can help you to get through as a rookie in case you are planning to enter the esports scenario.

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