10 Essential Tips for Class 7 Olympiad Preparation

January 19, 2023

Olympiad exams are extra exams other than the school exams. A good Olympiad exam aims to provide a unique competitive platform and identify the young geniuses and create a talent pool for the future. Some of the Olympiads, if you can score well and if you can get the gold medal you will be directly absorbed i.e., you will be directly taken up by the IV International Institutes. Taking up these exams will help you understand the competitiveness and make you ready for the future.

So, let us take look at the following 10 essential exam preparation tips for class 7 Olympiad:

1. Know Your Syllabus:

The first tip for your preparation will be knowing the syllabus thoroughly and studying the exact syllabus. Research your syllabus and arrange the required study material. Know what kind of topics are there in your syllabus. It is not necessary to buy reference books but if you think that a particular topic is difficult you may refer to them. Following an accurate syllabus is necessary as the syllabus is a valuable resource for your preparations.

2. Practice Well:

Practice makes a man perfect and hence you have to practice well. Practicing regularly plays a vital part in your exam preparations. Practical subjects need practice every day. Consistency is very important, even if you don’t practice for hours practicing every day is necessary. Practice as many problems as you can because practical subjects need problem-solving more than learning. Practicing will help develop problem-solving and reasoning skills. To gain a proper approach to solving the questions correctly regular practicing is required.

3. Understanding Theory:

Most people think that the questions that come in exams are from higher grades but this is a myth. Though most of the questions indeed come from NCERT books but from a really wide range. A good understanding of theory is very important. This is not just any normal exam hence questions can be asked from really small points which we think are unimportant. Using reference books and taking the help of teachers will make your understanding of theory easier. One tip to make this easy is to have a regular habit of reading. If you’re reading your study material every day it will help you retain most of the part of the theory. Also, solve questions after completing each topic. 

4. Concentrating During Exam:

Olympiad exams are of one-hour duration. Give 100% attention during your exam. Do not read questions in a hurry, always read a question twice so that you do not misinterpret the question and also not miss any word. Getting distracted during the exam will increase the chances of you making mistakes. Remember to breathe and read the question paper properly. If you keep your calm, the exams will go really smooth and easy

5. Solving Past Olympiad Papers:

This is the most important part of preparations. After starting the syllabus, solving question papers holds utmost importance. You should never skip this part. You should solve as many question papers as you can. This will increase your chances of scoring more in exams. When you practice solving the question papers of the Olympiad, it will help you to give the main exam calmly. After studying and completing your revisions, solve at least one question paper. Refer Class  7 IMO question paper 2013

6. Regular Revisions:

Studying for hours just for a day is not enough. Even if you study for fewer hours, studying or revising every day is really important. Once you complete studying for the whole syllabus it is really important that you revise it regularly. It is always suggested that you complete your studies at least one or two weeks before the main exam so that you have enough time in your hand for revisions. Regular revisions also complement your preparations.

7. Making Notes:

You should always start making notes when you are studying for the first time. You should always make notes in your own handwriting. Your own handwritten notes will help you a lot when you are revising. Make flashcards, charts and also use pictures. Decorating your notes will make you study them; this might sound weird but this actually works.

8.  Time Management:

Once you have studied all the concepts you should take up a mock test and analyze in exactly how much time you are finishing the whole paper. Before appearing for the main exam, it is very important to learn how to manage your time while giving exams. Managing time efficiently will also help you manage easy and tricky questions, after that you will have an idea about the questions which you are going to attempt first and the questions which you are going to attempt last. Time management is a strategy and attempting your question paper strategically will definitely help you increase your scores.

9. Choosing the Right Study Material:

Once you’re aware and familiarised with the syllabus, it is very crucial to choose the right study material for your reference. Identifying and choosing the right study material matters for your Olympiad success. You may take help from your teachers, the Internet, and people who have appeared for such exams to choose the right study material, it should be ensured that the study material should be used and read thoroughly. Study materials also contain questions for practice and every candidate appearing for Olympiad exams must solve these questions.

10. Online Video Lectures/Classes:

This internet era is an advantage for our studies and we should use it to the fullest. In recent times, education through online mediums has taken charge. You may find a lot of free lectures/classes absolutely free of cost. If you think that these are not enough you may also purchase some classes. If you find a topic or a subject a little tricky or difficult to understand then you shall definitely take help from such classes. These online lectures also provide free study materials so you may check for the same.

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