Tips to Boost Your Image When Planning an Important Business Rendezvous

March 28, 2022

You might be a digital nomad with a small startup who is about to land a major client and you want that first face-to-face meeting to send out the right message. There are many things you can do to improve your image and impress a VIP, which we list in this article.

  • Drive a prestige car – Your business associate will see you arrive at the coffee shop or restaurant and when looking to impress, check out the stunning luxury cars for rent from Rich Cars, Bangkok’s number one supercar rental company. This will raise an eyebrow and set the stage nicely for a productive business meeting that will end with a firm handshake and a deal is done. If you are the host and are planning to show your guest around, hire the car for a few days and impress them with door-to-door service to and from their hotel. If you think a Ferrari is a little over-the-top, why not choose a BMW 5? The rates are affordable and you can plan a schedule that includes the best local attractions, which will really impress your guest.
  • Smart casual wear – If you are wearing a brand-name polo shirt and smart slacks with loafers, you look the part. Wear that Rolex Submariner and a splash of Calvin Klein and don’t forget to wear a new pair of socks. Of course, a lot depends on your business sector; some tech people turn up for biz meetings in shorts and T-shirts. Only you know whether or not denim is acceptable; smart casual is a winner either way.
  • Prepare your presentation – Make sure your laptop is fully charged and let your presentation do the talking, after a short ice-breaker, of course. That would be an ideal time to visit the restroom and let the person get into your short proposal and be ready to answer questions when you return. If a presentation is not part of the meeting, make sure you have access to any reports you think might be relevant. Click here for home-buying tips. If you are choosing the meeting venue, lunch or dinner should be included and you can search online for leading venues near you.
  • Research what you can about the person – The Internet is an amazing thing and simply Googling a person’s name can tell you a lot about them. The other person may be seeing what they can find out about you using Google, so you should do the same.
  • Personal grooming – When people meet others for the first time, especially in a business environment, they do pay attention to the little things. Hair should be trimmed, and nails manicured, with suitable accessories. If you feel good with your look, this will boost your self-confidence and this is very important when trying to make the right impression.
  • Never turn up late – This almost goes without saying; check the traffic and calculate to arrive 10 minutes early and if the worst does happen and you are running late, do call and apologize. While it isn’t the end of the world, lack of punctuality does not stand you in good stead for the future and if it can be avoided, so much the better.

If you are not in possession of a Thai driving license, you can still rent a car using an International Driving Permit (IDP) and by preparing properly, your business meeting will be productive. 

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