6 Useful Tips on How to Choose the Best Senior Community

February 9, 2022

As you grow older, your needs change.

Whether you require frequent medical assistance or just want to be surrounded by people your age, a retirement community might be the best move for your living situation. 

There is a lot to consider when choosing the best senior community for you. Continue reading for 6 useful tips that will help with your search.

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1. Know the Difference Between Community Types

When browsing senior living accommodations, note that there are different types of communities suited for different needs. Below are descriptions of four of the main types of senior communities.

Continuing Care Retirement Community

A continuing care retirement community is a long-term living arrangement that adapts to whatever you need as you grow older. If your needs change from independent living to assisted living, the community will transition you to the right form of care. 

Independent Living

Independent living is great for older adults who want a sense of community and are able to take care of themselves. With an assisted living community, you can stay active while having easy access to care and little to no home maintenance.

Assisted Living

For older adults who need help with tasks like personal care, cooking, and medication, assisted living might be the solution. Assisted living provides some peace of mind for older adults and families, as help is always there if needed. 

Memory Care/Nursing Homes

Adults with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia may benefit from the around-the-clock supervision provided at a nursing home. Memory care with trained professionals can also improve or maintain the quality of life for those under care. 

Whatever your needs are, there is a senior living community tailored for you. After deciding on what type of community best suits you, you can then factor in your preferred location and amenities. 

2. Consider the Location

The location is a key part of your decision when choosing a retirement community. When picking a geographical location, consider the following:

  • Do you want to be close to family and friends?
  • Is it near existing doctors?
  • Do you want to live in a warmer climate? 
  • What attractions are near the community? 

Your desired location will also determine what kind of amenities to look for; the outdoor pool and lounge aren’t very helpful in a cold and rainy environment. 

3. Lookup Reviews and Credentials

A community can look fantastic in online pictures and testimonial videos, but what matters is how they treat their real-life residents. Look up reviews from current residents and double-check the facility’s credentials. 

4. Research the Staff to Resident Ratio

Especially for assisted living and nursing communities, it’s important to look up the staff to resident ratio. The quality of care might suffer if the caretakers have too many residents to look after. More so, you want to make sure someone will be available when you need help.

5. Check What Amenities Are Within the Community

One of the main benefits of senior apartments is the amenities. These amenities could be anything from rides to church to fitness classes.

For seniors, regular exercise is crucial to staying mobile. Choose a community that offers classes or activities that you enjoy doing so that being active isn’t a chore. 

6. Visit Multiple Communities In-Person

While you can read all about a place online and even look at reviews from residents, you never know what a place is like before you visit them in person. Visit a couple of your top contenders to make sure that the community is the right fit for you. And when you visit, talk to staff and ask all the questions you may have.

Choosing the Best Senior Community

Choosing the best senior community for you may seem overwhelming at first. However, when you align your priorities and focus on what matters, you will eventually find the best senior community for your lifestyle. 

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