Top Classroom Management Tools to Increase Students’ Learning

November 17, 2022

A teacher who can skillfully manage the class is sure to achieve excellent academic performance of the students since their increased engagement helps them to learn more and better. Unfortunately, classroom management skills are not inherent or inborn. And you cannot learn them in the university, except for gaining some basic knowledge on the proper strategies of maintaining learners’ positive behavior. Moreover, it is not something a special service provider can assist with. While you can ask someone “Please, help me with coursework writing,” you cannot request a professional to manage a classroom for you. These are practical skills learned in the immediate classroom environment and gained through personal experience. Thus, new teachers tend to struggle with managing students’ proper behavior and keeping them engaged. However, even highly experienced educators with a long period of service recorded in their employment sheet sometimes need useful tips on effective classroom management strategies.

Classroom Management Defined

Classroom management is not some defined and specific action but rather a process that entails a set of certain skills and strategies to create an environment conducive to maintaining the appropriate behavior of students during the lesson. Proper skills and strategies utilized by a teacher in class can enhance students’ social behavior, which would inevitably lead to their improved academic performance.

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Classroom Management Importance

Indeed, successful classroom management promotes perfect conditions for learning. Generally, it benefits both teachers and students, enhancing their safety, productivity, and overall contentment with the learning process and the outcome. A well-managed class will stay engaged throughout the entire lesson, manifesting attentiveness and interest and ultimately, gaining more knowledge. In their turn, teachers are relieved of the necessity to apply stressful discipline methods like yelling or scolding, which reduces the levels of job dissatisfaction, stress, and burnout. As a result, proper classroom management facilitates teaching as well as learning processes.

Useful Classroom Management Tools

Managing students’ behavior and maintaining their engagement can be equally challenging during in-class as well as distant learning. Luckily, some useful classroom management tools can be very handy in both environments. By helping to engage students during the teaching process, they can promote love for learning, enhancing their overall outcomes and academic performance.

Class Slides with Timers

Google Slides are incredibly helpful in organizing the lesson and keeping students engaged throughout. The tool includes several fancy editable slides for different parts of the lesson: morning and afternoon slides, rotation, transition, and breaks slides, and slides on a variety of subjects and topics and with success criteria, among many others. They can be used with timers to keep the day on track and to teach the students management skills.

Classroom Agenda Slides

Daily Agenda Goggle Slides is a perfect way to teach students how to be more organized, responsible, independent, and accountable for their actions. They help to arrange the assignments for the entire upcoming week, which is very handy in online learning. Interactive slides can be easily edited with the help of numerous themes, keeping students interested and engaged in the process. Agenda Slides facilitate this process by helping them neatly organize their home assignments, tests, important events, projects, and issues that must be remembered.

Classroom Management Behavior Bingo

A fun multipurpose bingo game will help to engage students and manage their different behaviors that are possible in the classroom. They earn bingo cards they can put on the board, which can also be digital – a perfect tool for online learning.

Digital Spinners

Digital Spinners are a perfect tool to engage the students that can be used for both in-class and distance learning. There is a variety of spinner themes that can serve different purposes. Random classroom prompts and questions are very handy for class discussions on specific topics or just emotional discussions engaging some social issues. You can use random name pickers to distribute the tasks, number pickers to arrange group activities, or even random classroom prizes. The tool is sure to enhance student participation, engaging them in a fun interactive activity.

Classroom Management Games Bundle

Gamification is one of the most useful teaching techniques that is sure to enhance student engagement and participation. Everyone loves playing. So, why not use this fun way of gaining new knowledge in teaching? While doing something interesting and entertaining, students are staying focused on the activity and learn in the process. A Digital Games Bundle targeted at classroom management includes Bingo, Connect, Tic-Tac-Toe, Unscramble, Make a Deal, and Crack the Code. They are sure to engage both a teacher and students, strengthening the connection between them.

It’s Manageable!

These are only some of the classroom management tools that can help to engage students, increase their learning, and enhance their academic performance. A bit of research will offer a whole lot more of various applications and websites that you may find useful and fun. Start with these resources to help you out in your classroom management endeavors. We are sure that just one try will get you so involved and excited that you won’t be able to stop, and the class will be as managed and engaged as you could not even imagine.

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