What You Should Pay Attention to When Setting Up a Conference/Huddle Room!

April 17, 2022

Are you afraid of long meetings? Sitting in the same chair for hours and a colorless meeting room – is a nightmare for many people. In addition, a dull and cold environment does not inspire creativity and inspires brainstorming sessions. Therefore, you should furnish your huddle room as tastefully as possible. Perhaps, you have no time to take care of furnishing your meeting room, this is where Hudd.io comes in, providing you with phenomenal experience in Hudd.io huddle rooms.

When it comes to huddle room configuration, make sure that the huddle room has a pleasant atmosphere and that there is comfortable furniture. This way the participants feel comfortable and everyone stays creative. How do you optimally equip your huddle room? In our blog, we have compiled the most important points that you should consider when setting up your conference room.

Furniture in the huddle room

Meetings can sometimes take a long time. For this reason, it is imperative to place comfortable furniture in the meeting room. What kind of seating do you need in your meeting room? There are two important factors for comfortable conference room furniture. Prevent the huddle room furniture from causing physical discomfort. Ergonomic office furniture is, therefore, a must to prevent back pain.

Also, make sure there is enough elbow room. This way you can join the meeting freely and conveniently. A comfortable conference chair makes it easier for you and your employees to get through the meeting! Ideal, isn’t it? 

Be sure to also consider the design of the furniture in the meeting room. Do you prefer a formal ambiance, a minimalistic Scandinavian look, or rather a rough industrial atmosphere? The use of color is an important detail for the atmosphere in the meeting room.

What colors should you choose for a formal layout? Very easily. Go for shades of black, gray, or brown. Not quite your taste? Then choose other colors like blue or orange. Each color immediately creates a different atmosphere. What do you use the meeting room for? As a presentation room? Or as a place for a brainstorming session? Design the conference room according to the use and your goals.

Good Preparation is Half the Battle

Do you have a meeting planned? Then preparation is very important. Why is that? Good preparation ensures a more professional appearance and avoids surprises. Do all components in the huddle room work? Think of the projector, the connection between the PC and the projector, and the remote control.

But also pay attention to other important facilities. Make sure you have enough water, pens, and writing paper. Did you check everything? Then the meeting can almost begin. Still thinking about the layout of the huddle room. How do you set up your meeting room?

Setup Options within a Conference Room

There are many ways to set up meeting rooms. Think in advance which arrangement is best. Why is meeting room configuration so important? The optimal setup increases the productivity and engagement of meeting participants. But how do you start? There are different design options. Some lineups are better suited for a smaller group. Other setups are more likely to be used for a larger group. Here are the most common meeting room configurations:

  • U-shaped meeting arrangement
  • Block constellations
  • Square arrangement
  • Theater meeting point
  • Round seating arrangement
  • Permanent session
  • Sustainable setups

Formal vs. Informal Conference Room

Create different meeting configurations for formal and informal meetings. Are you conducting a formal meeting? Then make sure the meeting room is closed. Why? People are more likely to share sensitive information or important data in an enclosed space. Formal meetings can often be long. Place ergonomic chairs in the meeting room. This will help you keep the meeting going.

Creative brainstorming session? Arrange for an informal meeting where less sensitive topics are discussed to take place in an open meeting room. A warmly furnished meeting room is an ideal place for informal meetings because the atmosphere here is open and friendly.

You will find that your team will be more creative in this environment. For an informal meeting, a standing conversation is also a very good option. But an inspiring room with bean bags or a playful seating area is also effective. A playful meeting room stimulates the inspiration and creativity of your employees.

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No More Obligation

In the past, meeting rooms had to be functional. Little attention was paid to the appearance of the huddle room. What furniture should traditionally be in a meeting room? A rectangular table and chairs. Nothing else was allowed in the room. Why? To avoid distraction.

Nowadays, more attention is paid to meeting rooms. How are you currently setting up your conference room? Meetings can be tiresome. It doesn’t have to be like this! Meeting rooms are often boring and statically furnished. Like the old days. The drab interior of a conference room tends to discourage participants rather than inspire them.

How do you ensure that a huddle room has the right atmosphere? Think about the style of the furniture. Choose striking eye-catchers or match the colors of the furniture to your company image. Which colors match your company image? The furnishing of conference rooms is often kept very simple and plain.

For a meeting room, you usually have a table, chairs, and a writing board. This often leads to standard meeting rooms. We think there is another way! You too? In Hudd.io, you have a large selection of conference tables and chairs. But not only furniture creates a pleasant atmosphere. Put the finishing touches on rugs and accessories. Curious about the possibilities of the design? Then take a look at our decoration sets.

Daylight in a Conference Room

Why is daylight so important in a meeting room? Daylight in a meeting room maintains concentration and gives the room a nice and fresh look. Make sure there are enough windows in the meeting room. Are there only a few windows in your room? No reason to panic. Make the walls inside the room light blue! Why light blue? With blue walls, it seems as if more natural light enters the room.

Nothing is as Annoying as Reverberation

Large reverberant rooms. It’s never nice to sit in, isn’t it? Especially not for meetings. So make sure you have good acoustics in your conference room. How do you ensure good acoustics? Incorporate curtains or window treatments. Also, work with our acoustic solutions, put carpets in the room, or improve the acoustics with accessories.

Get to Work!

How do you go about setting up your conference room? Our tips will help you to design your meeting room in the best possible way! Search for conference furniture and accessories on our website. Need more help? No problem. Hudd.io is ready for you! Contact our office experts. They will be happy to advise you on setting up your office.

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