All One Needs to Know About Dab Rigs: Design, Cost, and More

March 30, 2023

The Cannabis market is different from most other markets in that there are several ways to enjoy your purchase. There are many Cannabis products available, and this is one of the market’s greatest strengths. According to reports, the US cannabis industry is worth $61 billion.

If you buy and use cannabis, the chances are that you’ll be exposed to a lot of new things daily (along with the risks). The Cannabis industry brings something new every year. One thing that such users have grown fond of is dabbing. If you are an amateur in this hemp world, then dabbing might sound like a strange thing to you. 

Dabbing is simply heating hemp on a hot surface and inhaling the resulting vapor. One needs dab rigs under $100 to use legal solvent extracts, oils, waxes, and other types of Cannabis concentrates.

The following article will talk about dab rigs, different types, using one, and tips to buy the best one.

What is a Dab Rig?

It is simply a glass bong with a nail instead of a bowl. One can use them without worrying about breaking them since they’re made from high-grade glass and last for years if not mistreated.

Dab rigs possess an oil rig design that makes inhaling the smoke easy compared to standard bongs. They are called oil rigs because people earlier used them with hash oil, but that is not the case anymore.

Cost of a Dab Rig

Although many websites sell dabbing products online, only a few popular ones also offer good customer service. The cost of a dab rig varies depending on where you buy it from and the quality of the glass.

You can get good dab rigs under $100. According to several websites, most rigs cost between $150 and $200. If you want something more expensive, you can spend as much as thousands of dollars.

Types of Dab Rigs

There are several different types of dab rigs that you can choose from. They include:

1) Bubblers 

A bubbler is a miniature version of a bong that works with dry herbs instead of concentrates. They have a bowl, stem, and water chamber, just like bongs do. You fill the base with water before you start to use them.

2) Oil Rigs 

Oil rigs work with any concentrate and cannabis oil. They usually have modified versions of bongs that come with a glass nail that you heat on a torch or electric coil before adding the concentrate or wax onto its heated surface. The resulting vapor tastes clean when compared to other methods of dabbing.

3) Nectar Collectors 

Nectar collectors resemble pens and come in two types: Sherlock and one-hitters. The former is suitable for beginners, while the latter is small enough to fit into your pocket. They are better than dab rigs because they do not use water for cooling, making them fast and efficient.

How to Use Dab Rigs: Steps in Detail?

1) Get Your Materials Ready

You need a nail, dabber, torch, or coil and concentrate on using the rig. If you’re using oil, ensure that it’s liquid at room temperature before you go ahead to heat your rig. Do not heat the rig on an open flame since it might explode at high temperatures.

2) Heat the Nail

For your safety, ensure that the nail is hot enough before you start using it. To do so, cover its entire surface with a fresh cotton ball soaked in butane lighter fluid or any other petroleum-based solvent.

Using a propane torch, wait for several seconds before you heat it to a red hot temperature (700 degrees F or 370 degrees C). Before you inhale, remove the heat source and allow plenty of time for cooling.

3) Heat the Concentrate

Heat the concentrate on the nail while holding it with a dabber or other suitable instrument. Use a steady hand when dabbing to prevent the concentrate from falling on the floor. Ensure that your rig is slightly angled so that you can add more focus after half of it melts.

Tips in Buying Dab Rigs 

1) Quality Matters Most 

As mentioned earlier, most websites that sell dab rigs online offer discount deals for their customers. The best way is to buy the rig only once since it will last for many years. If you take care of the rig, it will remain as good as new even after a few months of use.

2) Choose the Right Size 

You must check the size before going ahead and buying a dab rig. For instance, Sherlock-style nectar collectors are small enough to fit into your pocket, while larger models resemble bongs. Take time to examine all the available choices before settling for one.

3) Ease of Use 

People have innumerable choices when it comes to choosing dab rigs. These preferences are often determined by ease of use, affordability, and portability. For instance, if you’re new to dabbing, opting for something simple is the best option.

4) Get Dab Rigs with Showerhead Percolators 

These types of dab rigs are known for their superior filtration capabilities compared to other models. If you do not worry about spending more money on a rig, you can go ahead and purchase one with this feature.

5) Cardboard or Glass Types

When buying a dab rig, consider the material before settling for one. Most rigs are made from glass, while others come in cardboard packaging. If you’re tight on budget, go for either one since they serve the same purpose.

6) The Price Matters 

Always compare prices before you purchase a dab rig. The size and the brand are two other factors that determine the price of this product. If you buy direct from a retailer, make sure to get everything at an affordable price.

7) Know Your Needs 

As mentioned earlier, different dab rigs exist today, each designed for a specific purpose. It is always advisable to consider your needs before you go ahead and make a purchase. If you’re not sure about what to buy, seek help from an experienced friend who has bought one before.

Final Thoughts

A dab rig is more than just a mere tool for smoking concentrates. It also consists of various components to create an enjoyable smoking experience. To ensure safety, you must follow all the instructions before using this tool.

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