What You Need to Know About Infinite Banking (An Alternative Investment Concept)

By Joseph
May 1, 2023

Whether you’re a seasoned or beginner banking enthusiast, it’s essential to understand that infinite banking has been around for years, like other banking options. However, according to banking professionals like Monegenix infinite banking, many people and investors still understand very little about this banking concept. Still, because of the myriad of confusion in the banking industry, understanding vital banking concepts like this enables you to pick one that fits your needs.

Defining Infinite Banking

Like other banking concepts started by professional bankers and banking fanatics, infinite banking is a practical concept that works better as an alternative to investment started by R. Nelson Nash in his famous book Becoming Your Own Banker. The idea works by structuring cash values, especially in life insurance policies created to favor the growth of cash values over the basis of life insurance. 

The concept also uses the liquidity side of high cash-value life insurance policies to grow and protect capital while accessing capital liquidity for investments like personal businesses. Additionally, the concept also relies on using life insurance policies as banks. This happens by borrowing money and paying back with interest, thus growing wealth with compounding interests primarily based on the type of insurance policies involved and the amount of money operating on such policies.

How Do High Cash Value Insurance Policies Work for Infinite Banking?

High cash values, the primary and significant component of infinite banking, use whole life insurance policies structured for cash value growth. When insurance policies are structured, you can maximize potential development inside such policies and accumulate wealth. When correctly done and with many insurance policies structured, you’ll earn great benefits, mainly because you’ll experience competitive growth from people buying insurance.

The growth of these insurance policies happens because of the increased potential in the development of tax-free and safety, mainly when operating under no-loss guarantees. Therefore, when working like this, infinite banking turns you to a self-bank other than taking loans from natural banks; thus, the concept becomes an effective alternative to investment.

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Can Infinite Banking Grow Your Money Primarily via the Tax-Free Concept?

Yes. First, the tax-free benefits you, especially when you retire or save for things like a car. When this happens, you earn dividends, and they remain tax-free as long as the life insurance policy you work with is active. Usually, what you get from tax-free is something called compounding. Compounding is a concept where you accumulate benefits over time with banking options like IBanking. 

You’ll need to exchange contracts with IBanking, and what you trade now based on the features of the insurance policies you work with increases in value over time, thus earning you more. For instance, once you work with IBanking, you’ll have a cash-value account. Sometimes, the value account exists as a savings account that earns you dividends. With a cash value savings account, everything you put in grows, making you more after a given time.

What Kind of Growth Can You Expect?

Historically, the growth you experience working with infinite banking is earning from the insurance policies you work with. You’ll make about 4 -6% or more tax-free dividends. What you earn working under this concept relies on the saving money you’ve got in your cash value savings account and the market losses at the time of cashing out. Therefore, to earn more and benefit from the infinite banking concept, avoid stock markets and mutual fund losses. 

Also, unlike other ways of making and profiting from infinite banking, embrace compound interest, especially since it’s the most effective way to grow and accumulate wealth. With compound interest, there is no taxation, and the concept takes a long time before you can cash out.

Can You Roll Over 401k or IRA into Life Insurance Policies While Working Under Infinite Banking?

No. This is because the concept works under tax-free banking options. However, if you want to roll over an IRA or 401k under this concept, you’ll have to be taxed first. Additionally, in some cases, taking money out of IRA or 401k comes with penalties, depending on your age. Therefore, if you want to involve an IRA or 401k while operating under infinite banking, make sure you obtain these accounts before making liquidation decisions of tax-free options.

How Do You Implement Infinite Banking?

Like other banking concepts and options, infinite banking is not complex. However, the idea takes time to implement and also needs the help of a professional. The expert will help you set up the life insurance policies and the liquidation processes required. Find the help of professionals like financial advisors or investment professionals.

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