When and Why You Should File a Boat Accident Lawsuit?

January 11, 2023

Miami, Florida, is one of the poshest cities in the United States. People are rich and own yachts and boats for pleasure, travel, or business. But it also means that the number of boat accidents is high in Miami. In fact, it is common in Miami to hear about boat accidents more than car accidents. 

However, to know about boat accidents and things to do after can be confusing. So, if you are looking for more information on boat accidents and wish to file a lawsuit, then keep on reading.

Do You Need to Hire a Miami Boating Accident Lawyer?

Florida has the highest number of boat accidents. More than 500 cases of boat accidents are reported every year. As for Miami, the total number of boat accidents reported in the year 2020 was nearly 100. 

Often people file a boat accident lawsuit related to property damage. However, people also file personal injury lawsuits for both fatal and non-fatal injuries. Hiring a Miami boat accident lawyer is a good decision if you want compensation for your loss. A boat is not a cheap asset, and it costs a lot. So any damage to your boat means you have incurred a significant amount of expenditure. In addition, if people riding on the boat get hurt or injured, the matter becomes even more severe. In either case, it is best to talk to an attorney who can legally fight for your rights and get you decent compensation for the loss and damage. A Miami boating accident lawyer will assist you in proving your case and try to get as much compensation as possible to cover up for your loss. 

What are the Main Causes of Boat Accidents in Miami?

The Wildlife Conservation Commission keeps track of the potential reasons for boat accidents in Miami. Some of the most common reasons why boat accidents occur in Miami are:

  • Crashing with another stationary vessel
  • Crashing moving water vessels 
  • Riding boat under the influence of drugs and alcohol 
  • Lack of visibility 
  • Distraction 

Usually, the maximum number of accidents takes place between 12 am to 6 pm. When it gets dark in Miami, boating becomes difficult as well as dangerous. However, anytime you have met with an accident and have suffered from a severe injury, you need to file a personal injury lawsuit stating the reason for the injury. The attorney you hire in Miami to fight your case will explain the possible outcomes of the accident and how to go about the legal proceedings. The lawyer’s responsibility is to prove that the third party is responsible for your loss and damage. And that they should be held liable to pay you back in the form of compensation. 

About 25% of the boat accident cases occur due to alcohol consumption. If you were responsible for injuring somebody else, your lawyer will represent you and prepare a case that supports your story. However, you need to be honest with your attorney and speak the truth, as only then will he get the rightful justice you deserve. 

What Compensation Can Your Boating Accident Attorney Get You?

After you or your loved ones have suffered from a personal injury in a boat accident, the attorney is the best person who will help you to get compensation for the following forms of losses:

  • The repairing cost for any damage caused to your property or assets
  • The expense you have incurred for any surgery, clinic visits, medicines, or medical devices
  • For any financial loss 
  • For any pain, suffering, and mental stress. 

If you want to appoint a Miami Boating Accident Lawyer, look for trusted law firms. Some even offer a free consultation before hiring. So, book a session before making any decision. Understand how well the attorney can cater to your expectations. Once you research well, you will find what you need. 

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