Reasons Why Indie Games Are Better Than AAA Games

By Vedwik
February 8, 2022

Unlike large-budget games, Indie games are not big but have a lot of possibilities.  You can find Indie games on the console or Steam. The best example of an independent game is Minecraft.

Indie games have characteristics that differ from the AAA gaming segment, and it is going to discuss. You can contact AAA game studio to create some awesome games.    

1. Low Pricing Policy

Everyone knows that Indie games are much cheaper than AAA games.  A single AAA game costs about $60 or more, which includes the cost of three Indie games for the price.

2. Doesn’t Take a Long Period to Complete the Game

If we compare the Indie game and the AAA game, then the following differences, which I would like to note the time required for its completion.  If we are talking about an AAA game, then it can take you hours, days to finish the one.  When we look at Indie games, it usually doesn’t take so much time for you to complete them.  You can finish it in one day.

3. A Wide Selection of Stories, Characters

Not everyone likes to constantly play with the same playstyle, characters, and already known storylines. Indie studio provides a large selection of fascinating stories, plot lines, designs using 3D dimensional characters.  They are also capable of captivating with their wide selection of game scenarios for every taste.

4. Troubleshooting Problems are Quickly Repairing

If we compare the speed of troubleshooting, which occurs in AAA games what is aaa game, it is most likely a big hulking bear clumsily marking time.  It is more difficult and expensive to solve issues with problems in the game, so they are not resolved so quickly.

In the Indie game, it is faster and easier to fix all the problems that arise during the experience of this game.  Indie developers keep a close eye on their players discovering game problems and give feedback to them.

5. Honed Perfection

It is not rare for AAA games to disappoint their players with its leading bugs and uncomfortable gameplay by quickly changing levels.  At the same time, Indie developers take their time to perfect their masterpiece.  No Indie developer will release their game until they have verified that there is no problem with it.  The indie studio won’t release a game they’re unsure of.

6. The Harder Game is, the More Interesting to Play

AAA games are designed for players with different skill levels from high to low.  Both children and adults can play these games.  Therefore, the results are sometimes achieved in such games easily.  We can not say the same about Indie games. They certainly keep their level, and if we look at a game as Rocket League, then we can say the level of passing this game is far from easy.  Unique technologies and mechanisms used in Indie games keep players in suspense and constant interest.

The conclusion would be that Indie developers do not try to pull large sums of money out of gamers’ pockets. They are happy to do their stuff for the players to have a quality game.

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