Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Cheap Mattress

March 28, 2022

When you’re shopping for a high-quality mattress, one thing that you are likely to notice is that almost all companies will exaggerate the quality of their product. These claims are meant to entice bargain buyers but are usually unverified, even if some are true. And while it’s unlikely that you will find a high-quality mattress on the cheap if not on offer, you might find a mattress that may seem of quality but is not. 

So, before you visit any physical or online mattress stores in Tucson, you should know some of the disadvantages of purchasing a cheap mattress.

1. Cheap Mattresses are Made with Poor Quality Materials

Brands producing cheap mattresses may have profit margins as their top priority. Also, they may rely on the number of sales to drive the profit higher, directed to the economics of scale; to increase their profit margins, they need to speed up their output. Therefore, rather than using high-quality materials that take time to mold into a high-quality mattress, they may use poor-quality materials. 

The poor-quality materials increase your chances of sleeping on a mattress, which could potentially increase your health concerns. The material may contain some toxic elements that could be hazardous. 

2. Cheap Mattresses May Sag

The effectiveness of sleeping on a comfortable mattress is supporting your body while sleeping. High comfort levels during sleep time have a direct link to quality sleep. 

Unfortunately, most cheap mattresses have inadequate mattress support and conforming ability. And as a result, they end up either being saggy, losing support, and having excessive firmness or softness. 

Sleeping on a saggy mattress is uncomfortable since you’ll have to lie in an unnatural position, especially stomach and side-sleepers, due to its uneven support. 

3. Cheap Mattresses May Rob You of a Good Night Sleep

Many scientific researchers have proven that quality sleep positively impacts your daily performance. And that’s because quality sleep influences your overall mood, cognitive performance, and mental health.

Notably, your cognitive awareness may be limited if you have disrupted sleep. You’ll find that your ability to think clearly and make quick decisions may be lowered by poor sleep quality. You may be prone to making poor decisions and taking unnecessary risks; your mental health can also be affected since your risk of depression and anxiety can increase.

4. A Cheap Mattress Will Expose You to Serious Health Risks

Besides affecting your mental health, sleeping on a poor-quality mattress might impact your physical health. Once your mattress develops problems like sagging, you will be forced to sleep in unnatural positions. Uneven support can affect your spine’s shape; as a result, it causes complications as you age.

Poor quality sleep has also been linked with severe medical concerns like type 2 diabetes, stroke, weight gain, kidney problems, muscle and joint pain, and high blood pressure.

5. Customer Care from Cheap Mattress Manufacturers is Usually Poor

One way to know whether a mattress is of high quality is by researching how well its manufacturer responds to its customers. Brands that have invested in high-quality mattresses are more likely to care about the quality of customer services as a good reputation is essential for the manufacturers.

However, brands that use cheap materials to make their mattresses rarely invest in customer service. They either have a non-responsive customer care service or if they are functional, they take too long to respond to customer questions and complaints.

Such an apparent lack of brand integrity is a sign that you may experience problems with your mattress and not receive sufficient solutions.

6. Costs Associated with Cheap Mattress Purchases Can Add Up

Once a cheap mattress starts developing problems like sagging and loss of support, the level of damage to the mattress often begins to accelerate. Therefore, you’ll find that the mattress will not last long, unlike high-quality mattresses that can last for much longer.

In such cases, you’ll find yourself replacing the mattresses more often. And sometimes, you’ll find yourself purchasing adjustable bed accessories like pillows, mattress toppers, and thicker bed linens to make mattress adjustments that will increase its longevity. 

What Should You Do?

Quality products are usually priced higher. And if the quality means paying slightly more for a better mattress that will serve your needs, why not spend more? 

And if you find that the mattress you want is worth more than your budget allows you to spend, don’t worry. Today, many brands and businesses like Just Right Mattress Outlet offer affordable paying options that won’t strain their finances. This way, you can invest in both your quality of life and sleep. 

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