Are Presets Worth It?

January 20, 2023

Presets are essentially filtering where various configurations have been created to multiple settings on a picture and then saved as a set. Now the question is, are presets worth buying? If you search for the answer on the internet, you could get both solid positive and negative opinions. But we will ensure you a more balanced response on how they are worth it.

There are plenty of benefits to using and purchasing presets from reputable sources. Here we will show you some ways that can be a significant help to your photo editing and getting professional results as well as speed up your workflow. Wedding presets are one of the most usable and saleable presets on the market. However, you can get the best wedding presets on Sleeklens.

Let’s have a look below.

Great for Beginners

The first benefit of using presets is they are great for beginners to begin with Lightroom. I was an amateur photographer when I initially used Lightroom. I took huge training videos, error and trial, and many concerns about how to get my way around Lightroom and make a definite look. 

If you had access to some presets that you choose, it could have made your life easier as you would have tweaked the presets themselves to know early.

Time Saver

Possibly, the most common advantage of using presets is to save time when editing in Lightroom. You will be able to do many edits with a single click by Adobe Photoshop, including presets in Lightroom.

If you complete a moderate volume of editing, then you know that there are particular edits that you can do for every photo. These edits are adding contrast and saturation to a RAW image, enhancing the base sharpening and the sharpening masking, as well as suiting the color calibration according to the camera’s particular RAW file characteristics. However, you can also save more time with more absolute creative edits. 

Consistency of Style

Whether you are making a personal band or simply get all the photos from a single session to get the same look and taste, presets can ensure a vast help in creating consistency of style.

Most photographers, especially those who are just diving their toe into the world of professional photography, supervise the significance of consistency.

You can always allow your style to grow and enlarge over time. You can even either change styles from shoot to shoot or keep many sets of photos within one shoot that each of them contains their own style.

Presets have a remarkable way to develop that style and to ensure that you keep consistent within that style while you want to. Without keeping in mind the settings, starting each photo with the same ” look” can be many advantages to building that identifiable style.

Creative Inspiration

Everybody has an experience when they look at a picture with no idea what to do with it.

One of the good advantages of presets is that you may have a library of your expected one and cycle by them on any photo to try and provide yourself some ideas.

Everybody proceeds with photo editing in their own way. In Lightroom alone, there are dozens of multiple ways to achieve your goals. Leap over to Photoshop, and there is an extent of more ways to accomplish any provided thing.

Consistent Look

This is an expansion of the point I illustrated above. Whenever a consistent look of photos is essential, presets can allow your job to be much more accessible, whether you are shooting professionally or just for Instagram. You have to ensure that your photos are taken in the same lighting aspects and invest in your favorite preset. 


Lightroom presets are dead common to use. Just import it, click the button, your photos look better. I especially said “better” because when I trust most beginners love the outcome that presets bring,  most professionals realize that they yield artificial-looking, overly-saturated images. Apart from the judgment, it isn’t easy to debate against the simplicity of using presets. Honestly, most beginners love them, and maximal presets are aimed at them as well.

Others Advantages

You can customize free Lightroom presets by tweaking colors and adjusting the contrast to give your images a unique look. Maximum packages of Lightroom presets are free of cost, so they are attainable. In case they are expensive, you can often choose to buy from real photographers, aiding their livelihood when also promising yourself a professional product.


Hopefully, you got the answer to how presets are worth buying. Finally, it’s the person demanding using presets. Before buying, you should be careful of the pros and cons. The price varies widely from totally free to a package that can be up to $80. Moreover, presets are another available tool that photographers can use to boost their craft next. 

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