The Top 10 Music Torrent Sites From Where You Can Easily Download Your Favorite Music

By Ankit
May 5, 2022

If you are a music lover, and it is the most important part of your life then you must be looking for ways to get more of it. The music taste differs from person to person so to have your taste of music for free you need to do a little struggle. But don’t worry, on your behalf we did our research and brought you the most genuine sites that do work for downloading music for FREE! 

But to understand, some of these sites are not legal, so if you are looking to download your music safely and hassle-free here are some sites that might help you out.  And, these sites are personally chosen by us. In this article, we have listed some of the best music torrents sites you can use to download music for free.

What is A Torrent And Why It is Not Working Sometimes?

A torrent is a place where the act of downloading and uploading files through a BitTorrent network takes place. Such files can be downloaded for free without any involvement of a central server.

But sometimes these sites are not working. The reason for that to happen is because the site might be blocked in your country. In some countries like India, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark, and Morocco these music torrents are blocked. 

Still, there are many ways by which you can download songs for free by using VPN services for using your music torrent sites. 

The Best Way To Find The Right Music Torrent Site  

Now you understand the meaning and reason of your basic issue of not being able to use torrent sites, let’s understand how you can find the right way to download music from music torrent sites. 

First, you must look for a trusted music torrent site that has fewer ads. The music torrent sites that offer free music torrent files are the best way to get unpaid music. 

Second, look for a better speed for torrent files that have a  good number of seeds, peers, and leechers. 

Third, always use VPN and ad blockers to avoid getting tracked and to be shown with advertisements.

Best Way To Download Music For Free In Music Torrents

The best way to download is to know where to download your favorite music and how to. Below is the list created by us to help you out to select and download music for free without any hassle, with just one click on the link. 

We did good research and chose a few of the sites and the genres they are popular for. Below is the list of some of the sites: 

1. Ru Tracker 


RuTracker is something that is out of the box. This was originally made in the Russian language, and you have to rely on a browser translator to make things easy for you. You can use leading browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and safari to provide you with translation. But to download free music you have to create your account on Ru Tracker to search for music torrents and don’t worry registering to this website is easy and less time-consuming, barely taking a minute to complete. Once you log in to the website you can search for your free music and download it through the dialog box that is placed in the top center of the page. There you also get several options that will help you in performing your search for your favorite music. 

You can search on the topics of the site through Google. DuckDuckgo, or the meta description of the torrents. It will show search results from RuTracker alone. 

The list of music torrents is also very clean and has several sections of Artist bio, composition, album information, file quality check, frequency spectrum, etc.

  • Best Features Advanced torrents search, different bitrates available, categories for various music genres
  • Types of Content Music
  • Availability Blocked in few regions
  • RuTracker Mirror URL Link 1

2. TorrentFunk: 


TorrentFunk helps you to download your favorite and latest music torrent easily and enjoy it for free of course. The search bar is given on the top left of the screen for finding your music and filtering the results by selecting your music category. They even provide a good quality upload, you have to tick on the verified only box and the vetted torrent will appear, making you only download from reputed and verified contributors who had uploaded them. 

There are many high-quality formats as well. You can mention those formats to get the relevant search results.

They even provide a service to find your music by clicking on the alphabets in the music section and you can see the names of all the songs starting from that alphabet, making it easier for you to download your music.

  • Best Features Provide verified music torrents section, high-quality music download,
  • Types of Content Music
  • Availability Blocked in a few regions

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3. DirtyTorrent

dirty torrent

This is a free music torrent site for downloading music, this site offers many different things as well. The DirtyTorrent site is more of a search engine that displays music torrents from different sites, and you can download music from those sites if it suits you or is available in your region. By clicking on the Get Torrent button you will get the list of music torrents sites and from those torrents, you can easily download your song by using magnet links provided by the torrent file. You even get music recommendations if you want to have some new songs or want to change your taste in music for a while. This can be done by the top charts in the audio section, and it helps you to discover new music. 

They have also received the appreciation to be the most downloaded music torrents of the last 24 hours and all-time lodged on separate boards.

  • Best Features Top Music Torrents chart, download option from different sites, lossless FLAC
  • Types of Content Music
  • Availability Blocked in a few regions
  • DirtyTorrent Mirror URL Not Available

4. Mixtape Torrent

Mixtape Torrent

This site helps you to find the new blends with mixtapes, Mixtorrent app is basically about remixing music for free from the thousands of independent DJs. If you are also a fan of remixes and want to enjoy some newly updated remix by those artists, you should try them. 

You can even search for your favorite artists, and all the remix music that person has created will come in search results. But finding your favorite song here is a little difficult as these platforms are mostly for Blends, Appacellas, R&B, WestCoat, etc. But they do have a search option by filtering all the DJs on that site.

There every music torrent has listed reviews on the cover track done by the artists, you can go through those reviews as well and choose your favorite songs to download for free.

  • Best Features Mixtapes of different DJs and artists, a remix of songs, free to download music
  • Types of Content Music
  • Availability Available across the entire world
  • MixtapeTorrent Mirror URL Not Necessary

5. RockBox


RockBox is also known as RawkBawx and just like its name it’s all about rock music. So if you are into rock music you should try this site. It has all rock music genres like Funk, Electronic, Gothic, or Metal. Every rock music torrent is available here. Download your favorite rock music by searching them from two search bars provided by the site, located in the left and center of the screen. 

There are no magnet links available, so you need to download the torrent file and then add the torrent client. But the best part is that you won’t find any advertisements on this site. Isn’t that amazing?

  • Best Features Rock music-centric; Wide collection of old school rock and death metal, lossless music, no advertisements
  • Types of Content Music
  • Availability Available across the entire world

6. SoundPark 


This site provides a very amazing music torrent site. It even has a music torrent tracker which can be used to download your favorite artist’s complete song album for free. The music here is very well separated into different sections, and you can even use filter search by choosing genres, artists, etc.

SoundPark shows complete information of all the music torrents files and albums before you download them, and you can even see the number of seeders and leechers here.

  • Best Features Solely dedicated to music; Music is is very well segregated into different sections
  • Types of Content Music
  • Availability Available across the entire world.



Best Feature-rich site that helps in downloading music torrents. The website allows you to download songs in high quality and regular MP3 quality as well. The websites that are similar to ETTV show the same feature of the display size of a torrent file and date for every music torrent that was uploaded on the website. Here, you can even find indie music torrents with their album covers, artists’ information, and full track details. ETTV even offers detailed information on every music or album you downloaded, even their categories, language, and genres.

  • Best Features Availability of high-quality FLAC music files; Detailed information about music tracks and albums
  • Types of Content Movies, TV shows, games, applications, music, books, anime.
  • Availability Targeted by individual ISPs.

8. The Pirate Bay

pirate bay

This site has gained some immense popularity and it can’t be excluded from the list of the best music torrents. The Pirate Bay is one of the best sites to download your music from. It even provides much other stuff than just music torrents. You can explore it by clicking on the link. This BitTorrent is reliable and helps users to fastly download all sorts of music and other stuff you can download as well as Movies, games, software, etc. The Pirate Bay even provides you with a link to download your music in high quality. In short, this site has its fan following and can simply get your work done.

  • Best Features Magnet links supported, Availability of high-quality FLAC format music
  • Types of Content movies, music, TV shows, games, software
  • Availability Banned in several countries and regions

9. 1337X

This site is another popular torrent site that has its perfect section for music torrents. The simple yet clean UI of 1337X makes searching and exploring music torrents easy for you. The Music section here even displays the most popular music torrents and even updates their list daily. The 1337X displays time, size, and name of the uploader of every music torrent on its site, and just like The Pirate Bay, here too you can download other stuff like movies, anime, games, etc.

  • Best Features Simple and clean UI; Dedicated section for most popular music torrents
  • Types of Content anime, movies, music, TV shows, games, software
  • Availability Banned in Australia, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom.

10. Torlock


Another best music torrent site is Torlock. This site is very popular, and the reason is that it only lists verified music torrents. You won’t be able to find any fake or spammed torrent content here on Torlock. It also has one dedicated section for all the music and makes searching and exploring easy and simple. It also displays the size of all the files of every music torrent. The only cons here is that it shows lots and lots of advertisements and this may annoy you at some point.

  • Best Features Torlock only lists verified torrents, Dedicated section for music
  • Types of Content anime, movies, music, TV shows, games, software
  • Availability Available in the entire world.

These are all legal and might be some illegal sites (depending on your region) from where you can download your favorite music for free without any struggles, you can surely find your music type here.

Top 5 Websites/Apps From Where You Can Download Music Legally

We have already discussed music torrents, now let’s discuss music websites from where you can easily download your music and listen. Some of the names in the list you might have heard of are due to their popularity. So, without any further delay let’s check it out too. 

1. CCTrax


CCTrax is also known as Creative Common music. The best part about this website is it is safe and free to use. The website has a very beautiful layout, and you can search for genre, label, and artist. But the online songs are in a handful of categories only. You can listen to those songs for free online or download them from the website. You can even download the album too.

2. Free Amazon Music Store


Having an amazon subscription has more profit than just being the prime member and getting things delivered for free and one of those profitable things is that you have access to all the free music, and you can even download it later, stream it on your device and save them offline as well. Another way to get free music is to go to the Amazon website and grab free music. If you visit the company’s page, you’ll know that the company provides a free music page in the Digital music section for you to easily download many songs for free.

3. Noise Trade


NoiseTrade is known to have the best collection of albums by many artists who want the audience to check out their creations. You can even support this artist by making small donations if you like their songs. 

The music here is free to download and legal. The songs can be streamed partially but to download the album of the songs you have to register to the site, once you do that you have full access to songs as well as albums. Once done the album can be downloaded in MP3.

4. Soundclick

sound click

This is the best place to download the music directly from different artists’ profiles. This website offers free downloading of music, and you can even buy songs that are licensed but all this is done legally.

You can even explore their huge collection of free songs that have different genres, and they stream music for free. 

You can stream music for free but need to sign up to download the music.

5. SoundCloud


The most popular music site provides you with unlimited music and free songs to download. The best part is it is a great alternative for Spotify where you pay to play your music. The content is uploaded by independent artists and famous musicians as well. You can search about them through tags in the search bar. It is even listed as India’s best music streaming service. It contains a small but best collection of songs which includes a remix of Hindi songs as well. so you can download your favorite songs here for free.

Now you also have lists of websites where you can download your favorite music for FREE. I hope this list makes your searching easy.


Now you have the best places to go and download your songs, by going on music torrents or by using any of the mentioned websites. You now surely have lots of links and options to go and search for your favorite songs and download them. If you have anything to share do let us know by commenting.

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