List of Top 5 Affordable Video CMS Software in 2023

January 20, 2023

Video is one of the most efficient marketing tools for businesses and organizations alike. At the same time, managing videos can hardly fit into website content management, and it needs to be taken care of specifically. That is why you need video CMS software to host and manage a massive amount of video data using the regular hosting server. 

There was a time when getting video content onto the web was full technically, but thankfully video CMSs have made it easy. The widespread adoption of Video CMS means that now anyone can add videos, edit, and manage the video website. The great news is that the enterprise video CMS market is all set to hit $13.3 billion by 2022.

To help businesses cope up with managing their videos efficiently for both internal and external purposes, video CMS’s have sprouted up.

What is a video CMS?

A video content management system or CMS is software that helps businesses store, organize, manage, and display video content online. A video CMS allows organizations to create a scalable video system without any technical knowledge. The best video content management system ensures content storage and makes sure that your viewers experience a seamless viewing experience across all platforms and devices. 

You might be wondering whether you need a content management system just for your videos, especially if you have an application to store your videos. However, organizations running YouTube-like businesses must consider using a video CMS over a non-specialized content management system. 

With that said, let’s get straight away into the topic of our blog. Here are five popular top 5 affordable video CMS software you can choose from. 

1. StreamTube

StreamTube from Streamhash is our first pick, one of the best video CMS available in the market for an attractive price. It features all standard functionalities that enable you to create your own video-sharing site in a hassle-free manner. Featuring multiple input formats, feature-rich CMS, robust admin panel, the software is designed to handle a large volume of video content regularly. In fact, StreamTube allows you to create a full-fledged video-sharing website with all necessary features, including a video content management system. 


  • Unlimited video upload and management.
  • Features the powerful Nginx server.
  • It comes with an embedded business model and allows monetization.
  • SEO-friendly URLs for all videos.


  • Being a white label solution, it doesn’t offer hosting services; it is a self-hosted solution. 

2. Brightcove

Brightcove provides the most comprehensive video streaming solution to meet the publishing and distribution requirements of businesses. The software solution prioritizes organization and offers a robust play feature to group-related videos either manually or automatically through tags. The quick publish feature of the software is another noteworthy functionality that allows users to publish videos straight to their website and other social channels by using a snippet of embed code. However, it lacks in-depth analytics, which calls for additional integrations. Intuitive GUI that streamlines workflow, custom metadata options for searching and labeling content. Brightcove’s features emphasize more on delivering better content during each stage of the user journey.


  • Easy to understand user interface
  • Boasts robust back-end framework for efficient video delivery


  • Flash-based video players call for an additional HTML code for a mobile-ready user experience. 

3. Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is specially created for information sharing and training purposes for organizations. It also allows for on-demand video sharing for up to 10k viewers. It works great for secure sharing and management of videos. 

If you already use a Microsoft 365 plan, you can use Microsoft Stream for your internet video distribution. And, Microsoft Stream is integrated with other Microsoft apps so that you can move videos from Stream into other Microsoft apps. The stream can be integrated with minimal extra cost based on the Microsoft 365 plan you have subscribed to. 


  • It provides controlled access for internal stakeholders.
  • The solution is extremely secure as it features FIPS 140-2 end-end encryption. 

 Easy integration with other platforms. 


  • Lacks custom security features
  • Unable to limit the number of viewers and time availability

4. Kaltura

Kaltura is a video CMS solution that suits a wide range of video applications. For example, for the market, they offer on-demand and live streaming capabilities across several different platforms and devices, Whereas, for business communications, they offer interactive meeting and collaboration tools. The virtual classroom provided by the solution suits education businesses that want to adopt online teaching. Kaltura also owns an open-source video platform solution that allows developers to create custom video CMS apps for their organizations. 


  • Allows monetization of videos
  • Integrates with different video platforms like Zoom and LMS
  • Features AI capabilities


  • Not extremely secure, although it is encrypted. 
  • Lacks password protection

5. Vidizmo

Video is an all-in-one video streaming solution that supports both on-demand and live streaming solutions. It is a business-ready platform that makes inputting videos easy and allows secure sharing of video content. The solution offers support for different time of file formats, including images, audio, videos, and docs. It empowers video streaming for various business verticals like education, entertainment, compliance, business training, and a lot more.


  • Offers role-based access control to the system
  • Seamless integration with multiple systems, including LMS, CMS, and CRM. 
  • Provides support for 255+ video formats.


  • Monetization of videos is not supported.
  • Video creation is not supported.


Creating, managing, storing video is a major challenge most businesses face when growing online streaming business. If you do not deal with it in the right way, video content can become a source of friction that hampers the smooth functioning of your business and would adversely affect your employees and customers as well. This is something which you want to avoid at any cost. Hence, choose the right video CMS solution for your business to take the big leap towards business success by saving time and hassle. There are countless other video CMS solutions in the market, but these are our top 5 choices. Do your trial and error before you commit to one of the options in the above list. 

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