7 Annoying Underwear Issues Women Face and How to Solve Them

November 28, 2022

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There are some underwear issues that are universal. It’s hard to imagine that anyone is unfamiliar with underwear that doesn’t fit well or is generally uncomfortable for whatever reason. However, there are a variety of annoying underwear issues that mostly just women have to deal with. The good news is that there are solutions to these common underwear issues. Sometimes, those solutions involve finding the right intimates brand or finding the right material. In other cases, it may be something as simple as transitioning to an unlined mesh bra and away from an overly padded model.

Issue: Dealing with Rough or Scratchy Material

As your underwear covers and supports some of the most sensitive parts of your body, rough, scratchy, or otherwise uncomfortable intimates are an issue that requires immediate solving. Some of the most common causes of rough or scratchy bras and panties are wearing underwear of questionable quality and fabric like cotton becoming worn. 

Solution: The solution to rough, scratchy underwear is to buy premium intimates made from high-quality materials. Look for panties made from buttery-soft modal or performance mesh. You’re best off with quality bras made from sheer power mesh, microfiber, or 3D spacer fabric. Satin can also be a luxurious-feeling fabric to consider.

Issue: When Your Underwire Rebels Against You

It’s pretty common to have a complicated relationship with your underwire. On the one hand, the support it provides is often invaluable, whether you’re looking for 30C bras all the way to H. On the other, many of us have simply gotten used to sacrificing comfort for support. We’ve become accustomed to our underwire digging, poking, and gouging into us.

Solution: Fortunately, we no longer have to decide between support and comfort. Instead, choose your next gorgeous plunge mesh bra, sensual balconette bra, or whatever style you’re looking for with a flexible underwire or “flexiwire” that marries comfort and support.

Issue: Visible Panty Line at Work, Play, and Working Out

Visible panty line is an issue that is usually discussed in relation to a professional or social setting. Of course, it certainly makes sense to avoid a panty line when you’re at work or going out on the town. However, a visible panty line can also be a concern when doing exercise

Solution: The classic solution is opting for a panty line-banishing thong. A comfy, sensual thong is always a wardrobe essential anyway. There’s another solution for anyone who isn’t a big fan of the thong or for when one just isn’t practical—high-waisted underwear. High-waisted panties are also a must-have for maxing out your relaxation on those casual weekend days.


Issue: Choosing Between Comfortable Underwear and Sensual Intimates

Historically, it seems like women’s intimates have created a dilemma—do you want fun, sensual underwear, or do you want them to be comfortable? Unfortunately, there just didn’t seem to be an option to go for both. 

Solution: Thankfully, there are now intimates that don’t make you choose between the attractive and the comfortable. Consider a well-made plunge mesh bra from a brand that provides flexiwire support. In addition to looking amazing, it’s likely to be the most supportive “non-bra” bra you’ll own. The combination of a sleek black thong and a matching plunge mesh bra is an undeniably sensual combination.

Issue: Bras Peeking Out of Your Clothes

Bras peeking out of clothing has long been considered a fashion faux-pas and accordingly avoided. Bras were to be worn and not seen. Regardless of the changing standards and social norms, that wardrobe rule actually made some sense in the past. That’s because let’s face it since bras of the past were made to be worn and not seen, they weren’t all that stylish. 

Solution: Fortunately, a lot has changed. Instead of looking for solutions to hide your bra with every outfit you wear, don’t try to hide it. A fashionable, well-made bra should enhance your fit rather than being hidden beneath it. So, let a stunning balconette bra peek out underneath a blazer. Do you have a sheer top that it’s a challenge to hide a bra under? Don’t hide it—own it with a colorful bra that stands out. Celebrate your bra and how incredible you look in one.

Issue: Your Sensual Underwear’s Obvious Silhouette

Fun, flirty, and sensual bras are often associated with lacy frills, ruffles, and other flourishes. However, that can become a problem when you attempt to pair that style of a showy bra with your favorite little black dress. Really, it’s an issue when you’re wearing anything with a silhouette you would prefer isn’t broken up, poofed out, or otherwise messed up. 

Solution: Resolution of that issue can be found with bras that are specially designed to feature a clean, pared-down silhouette without sacrificing that fun, flirty, and sensual look. For instance, consider a knockout black plunge mesh bra to complement your favorite low-cut top or dress.

Issue: Finding Bras That Actually Fit You

Choosing high-quality bras that are made from the most supportive and comfortable material is always going to make for a more comfortable underwear situation. However, even the best bras aren’t going to be at their most comfortable if they don’t fit right. A poorly-fitting bra is often a constant annoying distraction likely to result in an uncomfortable day. Beyond that, an imperfect bra fit is notorious for both back discomfort and strain or soreness in the neck and shoulders. Ill-fitting bras can also be responsible for skin issues like rubbing and chafing. And no one wants to deal with that.

Solution: Prioritize finding an inclusive intimates brand that specializes in designing clothes for the distinctive bodies of real women. There are brands that are truly inspired by (and owned by) women that feature over 50 different bra sizes from A-H. If you can find that sort of brand that also provides a bra-fitting feature for finding your perfect size, one curated by expert fit therapists, stick with them. By following these solutions to seven common underwear issues, you can find intimates that fit and flatter—without compromise.


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