Step Up your casual and formal looks with Kadas

January 6, 2023

Be it an ethnic look, formal look, or a casual look, jewelry always elevates it. And a staple in almost all jewelry collections is a bracelet. Bangles, kadas, watches, anything that adorns your hands is a choice to style any outfit. In this article, we will list ways to style men kadas for casual, everyday looks and formal, ethnic looks alike.

Types of kadas

India is a land of rich culture which means that your kada options range farther than you imagined. Kadas typically have a larger diameter than bangles. They have adjustable screws, so you may wear them loose as a bangle or tight as a cuff. They might be hollow, solid, or lac-based. Traditional motifs on the ends of kadas include two elephant trunks, two parrots, and so on.

These are some popular choices.

  • Rajasthani kadas
  • Meenakari
  • Bengali Loha bangles
  • Kundan bangles
  • Palakka bangles
  • Jaipuri bangles
  • Diamond kadas
  • Lac kadas, etc

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Formal and Ethnic styling

  • Gold kadas 

All around India, kadas are created in a variety of designs. Gold is a popular metal for a bracelet & kada. These kadas come in a cuff design with screws for altering the size and intricate filigree work. To produce the look of Kundan workmanship from the Northern regions, semi-precious and precious stones are adorned. These are perfect for ethnic outfits like a sherwani or a pathani suit. 

  • Diamond kadas

Diamond kadas made of gold, as well as kadas made of platinum and diamonds, are highly coveted. Another favorite is kadas with Jadau workmanship from North India. Golden bells or tassels are hung from a variety of kadas. These are a bit more adventurous and lean heavily into traditional wear.

  • Floral designs with gold

This gold kada is a piece of Varanasi jewelry known for its floral motifs of pink enamel on the inner side and uncut diamonds on the outer. The kada ends join together in the style of two interwoven elephant trunks. These types of men’s kadas would pair beautifully with bright-colored suits. Gold plated chains are also in trend nowadays. 

  • Precious stones

Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, topaz, jade, and turquoise are among the precious and semi-precious stones’ adorned kadas. This design pairs well with an impeccably tailored Patiala Suit or something inching towards indo-western patterns.

  • Lac kadas

Lac kadas are popular among the youth because they come in a variety of designs and colors. Amid undulating patterns of color, these kadas also include colored glass jewels and spirals of base-metal wire. Lac kadas are infused with beads, cowries, and colored threads to produce vibrant patterns that are typical of tribal areas. You could wear darker shades with this design.

  • Jaipuri designs

Jaipur is known for its lac-brass kada-bangle sets. The kada and bangles’ inner rings are brass, while the outer ring is made up of semi-precious stones set in lac surrounding the kada-bangle. The kada features enormous smoke-white stones inlaid on the red lac, while the bangles contain little blood-red stones and smoke-white stones. A smoke-white hue chain is attached to each bangle.

Casual and contemporary styling

  • Bracelets with business wear

Many people wonder if they can wear bracelets to work. No matter how many questions you have about whether wristbands are appropriate for your workplace, keep in mind that you can always wear them. All you have to do is be cautious when selecting them. Choose the ones that are stylish and go well with your clothing. You can now shop for bracelets & kadas online and get amazing dil ki deals.

  • Bracelets for everyday casual wear

Apart from wearing bands to up your style quotient on various occasions, there are some bracelets that you may wear all the time. Beaded and gold bracelets, for example, can be worn on a daily basis. They’re really comfy to wear and keep their allure even after repeated use. These gorgeous bracelets will keep you looking trendy at all times.

Take out your favorite t-shirt and jeans, pair them with a striking bracelet, and stroll out in style on those days when you want to break free.

  • Contemporary styles

Men’s kadas are also available in gold plated silver, oxidized silver, rhodium finish, or an alloy with semi-precious stones. Lacquer, acrylic, brass, Swarovski crystals, and rhinestones are among the materials used to transform the traditional kada’s appearance. The gold used to construct the kada comes in a variety of colors to suit modern tastes.

With ethnic dresses and suits, we suggest a kada. But have you tried it on with a western outfit? Your ethnic kadas can be worn with kurtas and ripped jeans: an indo-western style. All you have to do is pair it with some quirky handcuffs, and you’ll have a bold style in no time. 


Kadas are embellished with stunning motifs and do not require heavy accessories. Silver etched kadas look great with denim trousers and a solid-colored kurta. Kadas in silver or brass with a matte surface goes well with business clothing. You can get them engraved with your initials or a phrase of your choice.


Most style tips always end with the audience being encouraged to be confident and own their style. And that is probably the best piece of advice for anyone looking to expand their taste. Men’s kadas aren’t new to us as a concept but incorporating them in everyday looks is definitely something that has surfaced only recently. We hope that with this article you have some idea of how you can rock your bracelets & kadas on all occasions.

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