Bedroom Basic: Why Do You Need To Buy a Bedside Table?

February 8, 2022

When decorating or designing your bedroom, you are most likely focused on choosing the best bed and the best closet drawer. While these are some of the most necessary furniture, there’s another piece that you need to invest in. Those are your bedside tables or some people call it the nightstand. These are a smaller feature that is often placed beside the bed where people usually put their night lamps.

It is one of the most functional pieces of furniture that you can put inside your bedroom. Not will it give you a table to put your lamps on, but it’s also helpful to store emergency items. In this article, we will discuss the various reasons you need to get a bedside table and what are your different options.

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Why Do You Need A Bedside Table?

There are different bedside tables available. But before you buy one, you must first identify its purpose. Once you know how you will use it, it will be easier for you to choose which one to buy. Here are some of the most basic functions of a bedside table.

  • To put your night lamp – most likely, you will use your bedside table to put your night lamp. This is one of its most basic functions. If you love reading books or finishing some work before you go to sleep, it’s advisable to have a lamp beside your table.
  • To put on your books and mobile phones – most people just leave their books and mobile phones under their pillow. Since you cannot control your movements while you’re asleep, you’ll ruin or break your book or phone. Instead, you can put it on your bedside table to make sure that it’s safe.
  • To store emergency items – if you are taking medicines in the morning, it will be more convenient if you have a night lamp. In that way, you wouldn’t need to rush to the bathroom to get your medicines. Moreover, some bedside tables have drawers. You can use that to store emergency items such as a flashlight.
  • To add decoration in your room – a bedside table is a nice accent to add to your bedroom. It can boost the aesthetic appeal of your room, especially if the design complements your bed and other furniture. It gives a balance to the usual big pieces of furniture in your bedroom.

These are only a few reasons to buy a bedside table. If you need help in choosing which one best fits your bedroom, let us give you some of the most common types of a bedside table.

Different Types of Bedside Tables

If you are not sure which type of bedside table you should purchase, here are some styles and designs that you can consider.

  • Bedside table with legs – this is a smaller bedside table that’s best for smaller spaces. It’s a simple small table where you can put on a lamp. It’s sleek and stylish as well.
  • Nightstands with storage – this is the most common type of bedside tables. It’s a box with a storage cabinet and a drawer at the bottom. If you want to put more items on your bedside table, this is the best choice.
  • Small cabinets and shelves – a bedside table does not need to be an actual table. If you can’t find anything that will fit your room’s aesthetic, you can consider a small cabinet or shelf. For as long as it can hold your lamp and other items, it can be used as a bedside table.

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Tips To Consider When Buying A Bedside Table

If you are already considering purchasing a bedside table, here are some factors that you need to remember: 

  • Size – measure the space where you will put the bedside table. In that way, you can choose the appropriate furniture and you will avoid any hassle of redecorating your room. Size is very important for interior design. If you purchase the wrong size, everything will be affected.
  • Identify the type –  know which type of bedside table you would like to purchase. If this is your first time decorating your bedroom, you might want to get a piece that is identical to your bed. In that way, it will look more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Materials – bedside tables are also made with different materials. You can choose whether you like wood or metal. Regardless, it has to be durable to hold the items that you will put there.
  • Aesthetic – always pick the design that you like. A bedside table is something that you will see the moment you wake up and before you go to sleep. If you don’t like how it looks, it’s futile. Also, choose the one that will go with your other furniture.
  • Price – just like when purchasing other furniture, always set a budget. As much as possible, you need to settle for a piece that you will not put a hole in your pocket.


So, those are the reasons to buy yourself a bedside table that you’ll definitely get good use of. With a good quality piece, it will surely last you a long time, too! Shop for your bedroom furniture today! Check out the latest collection at Visit their website to know more.

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