Key Ideas That the First-Time Tenants Must Take Care of Before Signing the Rental Flat Agreement

September 8, 2023

Over the past few years, the working population in the country has drastically increased. People are now becoming independent and planning to have their accommodation. This has greatly increased the demand for rental flats in Gurgaon city. People who are new to this renting flat thing often have the chance of getting betrayed by fraudulent landlords and agents. To avoid such mishaps in the future, the following is the list of general ideas that people must stay aware of.

Choosing a Reputed Agency for the Rental Agreement-

The most crucial step in the process of finding 1 BHK in Gurgaon for rent is to take the help of a reputed agency. These days, we hear a lot of cases about deceitful activities in a real state. Therefore, it has become really important to find a reliable agent or builder. Instead of surfing online for the real estate agent, you should put your efforts into finding somebody certified in this field. People having certification for the same can be trusted. The many charges their customers more many and one can expect some loyalty from such agents. So, if you are somebody new in this, then your first task is to go for a trustworthy landlord or agent.

Keep Documentation Ready for the Verification-

Now that you have chosen to become independent, you must perform all the duties that are required to be performed for being a citizen of India. It is always important to have the government allow identification documents with yourself. A person should always take those documents along with him while looking out for rental accommodation. If you are a student or new working professional, then you must carry your identity card, offer letter, admission letter, and rental assistance documents along with you.

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Credit History Check by the Landlord-

Your landlord has the right to perform a credit history check. Most of the time, the landlord asks the tenant to show their source of income or credit history. Sometimes, they check financial wellbeing, they ask their tenants to deposit a certain amount as security. In such cases, the potential tenant must keep himself prepared with all such checks. If he already has a bank account, that will be sufficient to prove his soundness in terms of income and expenditure. If the landlord asks for the security deposit, then he should provide the same for the rental agreement.

Stay Aware of the Fraudulent Activities-

While finding a fully furnished flat on rent in Gurgaon, you may also come across agents and builders who are indulged in some kind of mischievous activity. These people have the audacity to con innocent people and seal the deal with false sayings. They will also convince their potential customers to immediately sign the agreement; otherwise, someone will take it. In such cases, the buyer has to be wise and fully aware of their possible acts. They need to resist the lucrative options that these agents might show and stay stick to what they require. Today, it is important to be attentive during the whole rental agreement process. Otherwise, this can result in future conflicts.

Signing the Rental Agreement-

It is important to have a rental agreement in writing with the landlord and the tenant. The agreement must contain all the important clauses that both parties are supposed to abide by. The terms and conditions should be made clear and should be put into writing and signed by both parties. The tenant must read the whole agreement properly before signing it with the landlord. In case the tenant finds something to which he disagrees, then he must bring the issue to the landlord and negotiate for the same. After the agreement by both the parties, it should be mended in the written rental agreement and signed. Such clarifications taken in writing by the concerned parties would help in the prevention of any future disputes. Therefore, both parties must follow the above guidelines before signing the final agreement.

Common Mistakes by the New Tenants-

Renting a flat can be a complicated task for the new tenants. There are chances that they must step into some kind of trouble in the future if they negligence on any part of the agreement. The first-time tenant must evaluate their financial budget for rental payments and also consider some hidden rental charges such as electricity bills, parking, etc. therefore, the new tenants must pay special attention and try to take second opinions in almost every major decision that they might be required to take.

Taking a fully furnished flat on rent in Gurgaon can be a tricky thing for the new tenants. Hope all the above ideas will help them in deciding for themselves.   

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