How to Gather Documents for a Construction Accident Lawyer in Boston

January 23, 2023

The construction industry’s a vital part of the U.S. economy. It encompasses constructing buildings and bridges and also includes those who build and repair roads and drainage systems.

Construction workers use dangerous equipment in hazardous environments, resulting in high rates of injuries and fatalities. Public citizens can also be injured when passing a construction zone, and construction accidents can prompt lawsuits. Construction accident lawyers need documentation to prepare cases for their clients and may need their clients or staff to gather relevant documents. Let’s look at how clients, investigators, and paralegals gather documents for construction accident attorneys.

How Do Clients Gather Documents?

Clients hire attorneys because they don’t know relevant case law or how to protect their legal rights. Construction accident victims must prioritize their recovery after an accident, which is why they hire personal injury lawyers in construction accident.

Construction accident lawyers are highly trained legal experts specializing in personal injury law. While earning their law degree, they study relevant case law, equipping them with the knowledge needed to prepare personal injury cases, including construction accident cases. They ensure clients receive fair compensation for their medical expenses and other expenses stemming from their injuries.

Accident victims are eligible to receive a free consultation after their accident. Whether they’ve sustained minor or serious injuries, they may need an attorney to protect their legal rights. Their construction accident lawyer in Boston will advise them to pursue recommended medical tests and save all medical bills. Although they may qualify for workers’ compensation, their employer may try to limit their benefits, and they may need a legal team to fight to ensure they receive appropriate compensation. Their attorney may ask them to email or deliver documentation to them or an assigned paralegal.

An accident victim’s attorney will also outline other documentation they may need to build their case, including correspondence from their employer, employee handbooks, and newsletters. They may also ask if there have been similar accidents at the worksite and use that information to have their legal team secure additional documentation.

How Do Investigators Gather Documents?

Lawyers may employ or contract investigators to assist with case preparation. Investigators perform various tasks based on the needs of the specific case. Suppose a client tells their attorney there were similar accidents at their worksite over the past two years. A private investigator will find witnesses, interview them, and ask for copies of relevant documentation about their injuries. Lawyers may use this information to show a history of negligence.

Investigators also review court records and news articles to uncover relevant information. They may use these documents to identify other witnesses they interview. They may also film or photograph worksites to establish whether site managers enforce appropriate safety protocols. Once they’ve completed their investigation, they’ll prepare a report outlining their documentation and submit all material to the attorney. They may also prepare an initial report and seek approval to expand the investigation based on their findings.

How Do Paralegals Gather Documents?

Paralegals work for law firms and prepare legal documents, including subpoena requests. The legal team may use information from client and witness interviews to conclude there should be prior accident reports relating to similar incidents at the worksite. Paralegals prepare the request forms and file them with the court, ensuring the defendants are served with the request for documents. Once the law firm receives the documents, paralegals and legal assistants review the documentation, identifying any information relevant to their case. They summarize the relevant documents and present a report to the construction accident attorney, ensuring the lawyer’s familiarity with all factors and evidence they can use to strengthen their client’s legal case.

Clients, investigators, and paralegals may all gather documentation for construction accident attorneys. Clients submit their documents to the lawyer or paralegal working on their case, while investigators and paralegals prepare reports and present documents to the attorney.

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