Discover Riding Perfection with a Sports-Tourer Superbike

February 8, 2022

If you are an avid bike rider and you’re looking to replace your machine with something more powerful, you really should check out the latest style, namely the sports tourer. The bike manufacturers have listened to their customers, who want a bike that has both speed and comfort and the sports-tourer hybrid was born. Of all the major motorcycle manufacturers, it is perhaps Kawasaki who created the best all-around sports-tourer, with a machine that has everything and a little more!

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Kawasaki’s Latest Addition

If you would like a sneak preview of their latest model, the Kawasaki Z1000SX at Wheels Motorcycles is ready for a test ride. This bike ticks all the boxes, with acceleration and handling to match the MotoGP machines, while also offering a comfortable ride, which is essential when touring. LED lighting & dashboard, with electronic cruise control and even Bluetooth connectivity, make this bike a must-have for those who want it all.

The Power Unit

The in-line 4 cylinder, 4-stroke engine is water-cooled and develops an awesome 104.5 kW, which is more than enough for anyone, while a slick 6-speed gearbox keeps things smooth. The 19-litre tank allows you to go a few hundred km before you need to fill up and the bike is very economical considering the power.

Sports Handling

One aspect of the sports-tourer is its amazing handling; using MotoGP technology that grips the road surface whatever the angle, much like the full-blown sports machines, which makes for fun riding on those curvy switchback roads.

Touring Comfort and Practicality

The sleek design offers the rider (and pillion) a more relaxed posture than the sports machines, making it a more comfortable ride and when you test ride a sports-tourer, you can instantly feel the difference regarding rider comfort. Perfect for those long trips, the sports-tourer is designed to carry a lot, with two large panniers on either side and you can say goodbye to backache after a few hours of riding. The pillion rider also has a softer experience, thanks to better suspension and a lower sitting position and if you have a partner who sits on the back, perhaps you should both take the test ride, to ensure that she is also happy with the ride.

Camping Expeditions

If you combine touring with camping, you can enjoy cheap holidays and such is the popularity of camping in the UK, there are campsites everywhere. Many people choose a two-wheel camping holiday, as this offers you the freedom to go anywhere, and booking your pitch online ensures a place. Of course, you could stay in hotels or local inns if camping doesn’t appeal, which gives you the chance to sample local hospitality. If you are fast approaching retirement, you’ll have even more time to tour on your new bike.

Part Exchange and Low-Interest Finance

You can trade your old bike and take out a low-interest loan when you order a new Kawasaki sports-tourer, which spreads the payment over a few years and as the summer is only a few months away, now is the time to look at a new machine that is designed for both speed and comfort. If you would like to browse a selection of top sports-tourers, start with a Google search and check out each manufacturer’s sports-tourer range, then you can book a test ride and make an informed decision. Click here for UK government information on protective motorcycle clothing.

Motorcycles are constantly undergoing design improvements and the new hybrid class of sports-tourers offers the rider the speed of a sports bike and the comfort of a touring machine and if you are ready to invest in a superbike, start with an online search and view bikes until you find one that warrants a test ride, which you can book online.

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