Upskill Your Team for Building Organization-Wide Success

February 8, 2022

Between Covid-19 and lockdown, it is a challenging world for organizations that are looking for fresh talent. The soaring level of competition for hiring new talent is giving a hard time to companies where there is a serious shortage of potential candidates. 

Although, there might be a better and easier solution than you could think of. When you keep looking out for hiring new candidates, you need to consider the talent which was already on your radar. Your team members are the ideal place to begin your talent search to fill the vacancy. But why in-house promotion? How do you work out with the skills they lack which are required to promote to a higher position? The solution is to invest in their career development by upskilling through training and learning. 

By allowing your employees to upskill themselves, you get the opportunity to groom, train, retain, and promote talent within the organization. In this process, use LMS to evaluate the right candidate by tracking the performance. Get talentlms and make the in-house promotion success for your organization. 

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Skills Gap Affecting Your Organization

There is always a skill gap in every organization, might not be technical but always the critical gap is there. It is a myth that the skills gap is not real. This leads to a setback on technical capabilities. Positions that need a high level of technical knowledge generally remain vacant. Although, it is not just the technical skills that lack, practical skills lack too. 

This not only affects the employee’s career development but it affects many organizations in the industry. The thriving businesses discovered that the gap restricts them from filling the major positions which cost a hefty amount to the company. 

What is Upskilling? 

The process including the training of your existing employee to better their professional set of skills is said to be upskilling. 

But how do you take up the skill shortage? How do you make sure that you can hire for those vacant positions with trained, qualified working professionals? When recruiters are struggling to find a qualified candidate right fit for the job within a day is not possible. But with upskilling, the existing team members make it possible.

It allows you to select a current employee, evaluate their skill set, performance, talent, and interest, and provide the training which helps them to improve their knowledge and development. 

In the whole process, LMS plays a key role from selecting the employees through their feature of tracking, monitoring, and assessing the performance to giving the training and learning while curating content relevant to their job in your organization. While training an in-house talent helps you to hone the skills of a potential candidate and without actually spending much time and money. Plus, this practice provides employee retention, longevity, and build the trust factor.

Know What You are Looking for?

Ensure what you need in the candidate? What skills are you looking for? What are the skills you lack? What information is important? What skills are needed for moving your organization towards success? Once you get the answers to these questions, it is time to evaluate your team member’s performance. 

Do your employees already sustain those skills? Do you think other employees have talent which needs direction? Just in case, you have a non-tech guy who might be good for a tech job? Discover and embrace talent and development. 


The increasing level of competition for hiring new talent is giving a hard time to companies where there is a serious shortage of potential candidates. The time where competition is neck to neck, get onboard top-talent is all an organization needs towards a successful future. So why not hire from within and upskill the talent? It is a win-win situation for both the employee and the organization.

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