How to Conduct Large-Scale Event Virtually

By Ankit
January 24, 2023

Conducting significant scale events like webinars or conferences can be costly and time-consuming. There’s so much hassle to go through to organize a big event. From the venue to the marketing, everything costs and leaves you waiting endlessly.

You need to make sure you have enough seating, available power, decent WiFi connections, and a host of other tasks. The global events industry reached 1 trillion USD in 2020. It’s enough to stress how popular this form of communication has become.

With today’s virtual trade show platform, event managers can connect with attendees more effectively and save money on space rental and operations.

Here’s how virtual trade shows work and what makes them an excellent option for reaching your target audience.

What is A Virtual Trade Show?

A virtual trade show is a live, online event. It’s designed to draw attendees in by giving them the feeling of being in an actual trade show, but without having to leave their desk or miss out on any engagement with family or co-workers. Virtual trade shows cover all your basic needs: exhibit halls, live speakers, and networking events.


A virtual trade show can be a lifesaver if you have a limited budget or need to run a scaled-down version of an event because of factors beyond your control. By allowing users to sign up for a free account, companies using a virtual trade show platform can use their resources more wisely. They can generate more leads at their events by allowing people who can’t make it in person to view conference materials online. 

A virtual trade show platform will enable you to manage and facilitate all aspects of your event online. It is a great way to make your venture reach the greater audience as : 

  • It’s cheaper than a traditional trade show
  • It gives you access to a larger audience
  • You can collect leads from attendees

How Do You Select A Platform?

Selecting a virtual trade show platform can be one of the most important decisions of your year. The cost, features, service and more are all factors to weigh. The more research you do, the more benefit you get out of your trade show efforts. Below are a few things that you can’t avoid when choosing a virtual trade show platform.

  • Experience. Does the provider have much experience in online trade show planning?
  • Cost. What is the total cost of the online trade show?
  • Participation options. Will you be able to participate in a virtual trade show from multiple locations?
  • Selection of components. Are technical questions answered promptly?
  • Collaboration tools. Are there any available collaboration tools that will help achieve your organizational objectives?

What About Budget Concerns?

As more marketers realize they can save big on expenses by launching virtual trade shows, there’s one lingering concern: budgets. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get an influential virtual trade show, but some costs are inevitable. You may need new technology or additional bandwidth from your host provider. 

Tips For Increasing Attendance

  • Pick a familiar platform
  • Commit early and promote often
  • Create an easy to use the registration form
  • Spend time on the visuals     
  • Be prepared for an influx of traffic     

Final Thoughts

While virtual trade shows are excellent an platform for saving your organization money, not all clients can reap these benefits. It’s important to consider whether your target audience is tech-savvy enough to navigate through a virtual platform before you invest in one. 

If they’re not, a live event might be a better way to connect with them and strengthen your bond. However, for those who don’t have time or budget constraints, a virtual trade show could be a great solution.

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