Elements to Create Winning Table Cover Designs for Your Next Business Event

February 8, 2022

At any business event or trade fair today, you honestly have less than 30 seconds to create positive impressions about your company. Your advertising booth or canopy tent at the trade show should look inviting to the attendees so that they are curious to know about the products and services you have on offer. But, of course, the first thing that individuals look at is your table, displaying brochures, items, products, pamphlets, etc. Now, if your table is boring, unorganized, or just random, it will deter them from taking a better look. 

Discover the Elements to Invoke the Interest of Visitors at a Trade Show or Event 

Now, if you want to create a positive first impression when people walk into your canopy tent or advertising booth, you need to focus on a good branding strategy. Investing in a custom table cloth is an integral part of this strategy, and the good news is it works for both small to large-scale businesses with success. 

Designing Your Table Covers

The following are the three elements you should embrace to create a winning table cloth design for your business brand- 

1. The Logo of Your Company – 

The first thing visitors notice about your table cover is your business logo. They are more likely to remember images over words. You can take the example of Nike and McDonalds who are known for their logos. In this manner, you can make your business logo the focal point on your table cover. You can print the logo on the tabletop, too, but those sitting on the table will only see it. If you are still building your business brand and no one knows your logo, use it as it is an effective way for you to spread awareness. 

2. Add Extra Text – 

Logos look great on table covers; however, for context, you need appropriate words as well. Depending upon the space you have, consider adding your text like your company’s name, its website, tagline, and social media accounts. When you add the text to the table cover, ensure it is simple for people to read and clear. Avoid using typefaces that are difficult to read from a distance. Make sure clear, bold, and to the point. 

3.  The Choice of Color – 

Ensure you use a color background with colors that contrast with one another. For instance, you can use a background of black or white to bring a bright-colored logo stand out better in the picture. However, if the text or the logo blends into your background, you have the wrong color scheme. 

These three elements are very important for your table cover to stand out when you are advertising your brand at a trade show or fair. First, make sure the table cover fits the shape of the table you have. Second, it should blend in well with the interior décor of your advertising booth or canopy tent at the fair with success. Finally, using a custom table cover attracts the attention of the attendees at the trade show or fair with success.

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