How Do I Start an Event Production Company?

February 8, 2022

Ever managed a college festival? Supervised a gig at a local coffee shop? If so, you might have what it takes to get into event production. Event production involves planning a live event through to its execution. It involves getting your creative team together, schedule performances, setting up lighting, audio-visual effects, and streaming services to create an unforgettable experience.

Event production companies like Live Hub Events are known to get this process right, especially since they make it a point to customize their event based on the needs of their customers. However, before getting into the process, we should first address the difference between three very confusing terms that most people mix up.

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Event Production, Event Planning, and Event Management

Event planning mostly involves getting your creative juices flowing. Planners are tasked with creating a blueprint of the event, strategizing with their planning team, delegating work, selecting venues, and so on. This eases them into the second stage, Event Management.

Event management acts as the bridge between planning and production. Managers ensure coordination between the various teams and constantly juggle their disputes to keep things going smoothly. A manager often acts as a shock absorber for the collective stress the team is put through. Not the easiest place to be!

Finally, the show is put on the road with event production. Event production companies work closely with their creative teams, talk to the artists scheduled to perform, and use light, sound, and another techno-aesthetic wizardry to provide a grand experience. While none of these processes can be underestimated, it’s the event production that ultimately ends up being the face of the show.

Building an Event Production Company


No business can work if the person running it is not skilled enough. How do you upskill yourself? Work with an existing event production company. Hustle through difficult internships, build a relationship with the right people, and always take notes of what they tell you about the market. Alternatively, you can seek advice from an acquaintance who works with a company. It’s a cut-throat world out there, and you need all the reinforcement you can get!

Figure Out the Events You Want to Work For

Are you a jack of all trades? Would you rather stick to corporate events? Are music performances more up your alley? Whatever your choices are, you need to know that you have made them. Don’t hire a Ted talker for music performance; you’ll bore people to death.


Mark our words- it is essential that you have a list of companies that can offer you the services you want. This is where your intern-grinding pays off. Whether you need decoration, sound, music, or someone to pose as Santa, you must have a number to contact. We don’t think you’ll look forward to getting into those Christmas boots yourself.

Develop Price Packages

Every event needs to be pitched with a package of the services you offer along with an itemized list of prices. It helps your client to be on the same page as you and avoids any last-minute financial confrontations. When it comes to money, you’re always on your own. Be clear about what you’re asking for.

Team Building

Teams are the very fabric of an event production company; you could be the most skilled person on the planet, but if you’re a lone wolf or have an unorganized team, handling event planning can be difficult. When you hire people into event production, you must know what roles you can slot them into. Although you are free to come up with your own positions, the following have been a staple of the business for a long time:

  •  Producer
  • Production Assistant
  • Manager
  • Manager for stage performances
  • Engineers (particularly sound)
  • Lighting team
  •  Graphic designers


It’s a no-brainer that marketing is the bread and butter of your business. If you want to upscale your event production company, you need a social media presence, preferably alongside a website that works as the virtual home of your company and allows people to book your services. Hiring social media managers and marketing professionals for this job is a smart move to make.

Working Together

We all know how it goes; you put all the pieces in place for a stellar night, and a single misstep from your newest batch of interns blows everything to pieces- pieces that you paid for. Sounds like a nightmare? Communicate. This can’t be stressed enough; your team should never feel anchorless if you’re in the picture. Make them part of the complete process, get the smallest changes across to all your employees, and don’t be the person who makes them feel worse after a bad day. You’ll thank yourself for every single light bulb that didn’t blow up on New Year’s Eve.

Catching Up with Things

The first step to starting any company is to know what the market looks like. There are several ways you can foray into background research; one of them is browsing through the services of existing event production companies. Visit the Live Hub Events website,, if you want a preliminary idea of how this world works. All the best!

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