7 Factors to Consider When Hiring Blog Writing Services

November 11, 2022

Around 77% of internet users still read blogs every day, which shows how crucial having a content writing strategy is. 

Finding the best writing services is essential for finding a voice for your brand and proving you’re an expert in your industry. But with so many options available, it’s difficult knowing how to find the right one for your business. Perhaps that’s why you’re searching on this topic; you want to hire blog services and aren’t sure how to hire the ultimate one.  

Hit the nail on your head? No worries; we’ve got you! Here’s what to consider when hiring blog writing services.  

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Skill Level

On your hunt for professional writing services, it’s important to factor in the writers’ skill level. You want a candidate who can present an error-free copy that also conveys the brand’s voice. At the very least, you want a writer who has at least three years of experience for peace of mind.

Aside from having adequate writing skills, the company should have a deep understanding of how SEO works, so your content thrives. Writing a novel is different than publishing posts on a blog, which means writers should be experts in finding the right keywords and understanding how this style of marketing works.

Further, you want to work with a service whose writers pay close attention to detail. This means that writers should be consistent with the style and be in the right format. 


An effective way to determine a writer’s skill is by reading their portfolio.

Ask to see content that’s industry-related because you’ll understand the technical aspect of it too. If the writer doesn’t have any, feel free to ask for a sample as it gives you a glimpse into their talent. Also, you should choose a blog writer who has an extensive collection of clippings as it shows that they’re experienced. 

And if you want to get started, check out this page.  


When hiring writing services, it’s important to work with an enthusiastic writer.

It’s important to collaborate with someone excited about your product or service because passionate writers will go the extra mile to produce great blog writing. Note, that each candidate should ask a range of questions and share advice, even if you haven’t asked.    But make sure you continue your search if the candidate seems bored or produces dry content because that won’t perform well.  

Also, although it’s harder to calculate, ask yourself whether you like the content writer(s). You want to work with someone who is easy to get along with and meshes well with your work style. For instance, if you want to collaborate on Google Docs, let them know and they should cater to your demands.  

Turnaround Time

Regardless of the type of writing, you’re outsourcing, you want a writer who has a fast turnaround. If you’re on a tight deadline, be upfront during the interview, so the writer knows what to expect. You should also ask each candidate how you can connect with them, whether it’s via email or weekly phone calls.    

Further, ask each candidate about their revision policy and where they stand with major or mini amendments. As a general rule, the writing service should complete this within 48 hours, especially if you’re on a tight publishing schedule. But, if you’re more lenient, the very maximum time is one week.   


Before your search, outline a budget as it will determine how much money you can funnel into your content writing strategy. It’s important to note, that you want to spend more on content that will turn readers into loyal customers.  

Further, you should choose services that offer a trial period. Nothing is worse than signing a year-long contract; only to find that the writing is sub-par and inconsistent. To prevent any disasters, connect with a quality company that will give you a trial period, so you can see if you like the writing style.  

How Their Content Performs

Aside from focusing on the content’s quality, you want to hone in on the metrics. This includes how often the post has been shared on social media and where it ranks on search engines. Note, that if a blog post ranks high on Google, it shows that writing services understand how to optimize content, which is essential for businesses.

If, however, a writing service produces excellent writing but it doesn’t generate desired results, don’t instantly blame them. It could also be the client’s fault for not having a large following or didn’t publicize the post themselves.     

What Their Customers Say

Before the firm starts writing a blog for you, check out their online reviews. You want to discover what customers are saying about the quality of service, especially ones who are in your industry. It’s wise to reach out to past clients directly to get valuable insight into the service, so you can decide whether it’s the right decision for your business.  

Further, if a family or friend has worked with a content writer recently, ask for recommendations. The beauty of word-of-mouth is your loved ones will give you honest feedback about the company’s work and if there were any drawbacks.  

Hire Blog Writing Services to Your Advantage

Hopefully, you’re now ready to find the blog writing services of your dreams. 

There are many factors to consider during your searches, such as the company’s skill level and portfolio. You should also check out how their content performs and whether customers would recommend them. Good luck with your search! 

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