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February 8, 2022

Jumping straight into it, frame of mind on glass the topic today is all about the highest of quality when it comes to glass windows and doors within your home or office space. Wondering what could possibly impress, we were quite taken back and surprised with what we found. Initial thoughts were well, glass is glass surely. Granted double or triple glazing should give higher EPC efficiency readings in terms of heat retainment and with more panes, they should be stronger. We thought it stopped there.

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Errrrr Wrong.

For one, after the search started it soon dawned upon us that we are looking at ‘frameless glass products and soon realized that we were in a new world of which our knowledge went from something to nothing other than we were looking at the glass and that the looks of the products on offer are super sexy, to say the least.

Putting You Clearly in the Frame

It was clear the moment that we checked a few websites that the frameless glass product market is an area of unrivaled quality, looks, practicality accompanied by an aura that oozes luxury.

These products will be destined to be part of a very unique build or conversion, likely purchased by or for one of the more affluential members of our society.

The looks have probably been talked down a bit to be fair… The look of these frameless glass products Is simply outstanding demanding your respect instantly.

With a host of products available if you are in the market for new glass sliding doors, a frameless glass extension, frameless glass, frameless roof glazing, or dividers you will be absolutely bowled over at what you see. 

If you are already interested in finding out more about these masterpieces then you really should check out ‘The Frameless Glass Company’, it may sound minor but their website stood out miles ahead of the rest and caught our imagination immediately.

Why Go for Frameless, is Less Good?

What an interesting question, usually more is always better. ‘Less is better is a new term for us and one that we really need our head getting around.

Logic tells us that glass with no frame is likely to be weaker than glass with a frame. Kind of like a brick wall with no cement. 

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Turns out we are in the wrong frame of mind and some cases these frameless glazing products are as strong if not more durable than framed glazing units.

Further benefits and features include an increased surface area allowing more natural light into your chosen space as well as a myriad of applications and uses. Unmatched thermal efficiency saving the pennies could pay for your purchase. Take a look at this EPC information we found on the gov.uk website.

Budget Options for All

Despite initial thoughts that the premium aesthetics would mean a premium price across the board, it turns out that across different suppliers there are budgeting options for all. You don’t have to go with the cream of the crop. You can still get some of the same features albeit with some refinement.

Even if the product did not promise the above features, the sheer beauty of the fitted product is something of amazement. Unlike anything, we have ever seen before.

You will likely be looking at this glass in awe rather than looking through it as you might have done before. 

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