All About Facebook Jail: Definition, Prevention Measures and Recovery Methods

February 9, 2022

Facebook is now getting more hype among business people. Therefore, the rules and regulations have been upgraded to ensure better security and protection of users. Following these rules has become more than necessary if you don’t want to end up getting blocked by Facebook or don’t want to risk your data. Even a little negligence of FB policies can land you in a state of trouble and cause harm to your account. 

In recent days, one urban legend is gaining gradual popularity and hence it is important for every Facebook user to know about it and that term is “Facebook Jail”.

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What is Facebook Jail?

Facebook Jail is a term used when Facebook punishes an account by blocking its capability of using Facebook features or by disabling the entire account, for violating the Facebook laws and policies by performing unethical activities, such as posting inappropriate content, posting too soon, too many likes or comments, adding too many friends, etc.)

The penalty can vary from the time span of a few hours, 3 days, 6 days, a week, or the permanent removal of your page or account.

Sometimes, it becomes quite frustrating and boring to read Facebook terms and conditions all at once. Therefore, here in this blog, we will shed some light on Facebook Jail and how to get out of FB jail without losing any data.

We have tried to make an on-point guide that will help you deal with Facebook jail and conquer it like a pro.

Causes: What Causes You to Go To FB Jail

First, we will roll you through the causes that can lead you into a Facebook jail. 

  1. Hasty posting: This is the biggest reason why FB has put you behind the bars. If you post the same information rapidly, you are going to be punished.
  2. Frequent Tagging: Tagging should be done within a certain limit. Going overboard with tagging can harm your account.
  3. Using Multiple Accounts: If you are having multiple FB accounts with the same name or same details, you are making yourself worthy of punishment.
  4. Spammy Behaviour: If you are acting like spam by sending too many messages, sharing too much stuff on your wall or adding too many friends to your account, etc. FB will take action against you.
  5. Hate Speech or Threats: Facebook believes in harmony and therefore hate speech and threatening others on FB can put you in FB jail.
  6. Impersonating: If you are impersonating a brand, business, or individual on Facebook, you are inviting a threat to your account. 
  7. Using automated software: If you are using automated software to generate fake likes or comments, you are not following FB’s guidelines.
  8. Joining groups too frequently: Make sure you follow the group joining limit i.e. 10 groups a day.
  9. Performing the prohibited actions: There are few things which FB closely monitors to maintain the prestige of the platform, so here are a few things that you can also make you face FB jail: 
  • Nudity or sexually suggestive content.
  • Hate speech, credible threats, or direct attacks on an individual or group.
  • Content that contains self-harm or excessive content.
  • No fake timelines.
  • Continued, prohibited behaviour.
  • Harassing behaviour and desperate advertising or promotions using your Facebook profile.
  • Using a Fake Name to create a fake FB profile. 

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How Long Does Facebook Jail Last?

How long does Facebook block you? Well, it depends upon the ban that has been imposed on your account. 

The temporary ban will last up to 21 days. Whereas the permanent ban will make your FB account unrecoverable. A permanent ban usually is the result of a severe violation or prohibited behaviour.

However, FB jail duration can vary for each case, usually, the ban is imposed for:

  1. A few hours
  2. 3 Days
  3. 6 days
  4. A week
  5. Forever

How to Tell If I Am In Facebook Jail?

If you are already familiar with Facebook Jail and its effects, you can identify it, but if it is happening to you for the first time, it can be baffling to tell what is happening. Here are some of the possible scenarios that give hint that you are in Facebook jail:

  1. Inability to post on timeline, page, or groups.
  2. If you are not able to comment from your account
  3. You can’t like posts of other users.
  4. You are blocked from accessing your Facebook page.

How to Avoid Getting Blocked By Facebook and Evade Facebook Jail 

Tip 1: Get Out of Facebook Jail: Do not Post Rapidly

Facebook never appreciates crazy behaviour in terms of posting. So, when you are posting in rush, make sure you are not using the same content. If you are posting the same content in too many groups, “Facebook sheriff” does not buy this behaviour and you will be considered as a “Spammer”.

If Facebook finds you sharing the same information at the same time in multiple groups, you will be put behind the virtual bars of Facebook Jail.

There is a great tip that can save you from Facebook Jail:

“Never post simultaneously, rather leave a few minutes between every post”.

If you feel this strategy wholeheartedly, you can never fall under the radar of Facebook sheriffs.

If you don’t have the patience or enough time to wait, there are several apps and tools which enable you to schedule the posts and automatically maintain the required pause.

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Tip 2: To Avoid FB Jail: Use Original Content

This tip is approved by Content Managers of various social media giants, even Facebook itself. They say:

“Administrators are often blocked because they’ve used images from Google’s search results, which had already been marked as SPAM.”

So, if you are creating original content for your posts, you can avoid getting blocked on FB. Most importantly, avoid using the copied images or Google Images, if you don’t want to look like “Spam” or “Suspicious”. Using such images makes your post prone to the complaints that are associated with the image. 

Make sure that the picture you are using is legal and free from all copyright issues. You can design your cards, photos, and templates and that would be the safest option. 

Not images, but every media file that you are sharing on Facebook must have a proper license and can be posted anywhere without any issue, this applies to text and links as well. So, make your genuine content to avoid being blocked on Facebook.

Tip 3: Stay out of Facebook Jail: Keep Things Personal

The more your Facebook profile is as personal as possible. Not everyone needs to know everything about you and hence add people you know and share what is safe for your privacy. This way, Facebook would consider you as a genuine user and not spam.

Honesty and authenticity should be two key factors of your behavior on Facebook. The “real” links will prevent you from looking like spam. If you are sending too many requests or accepting too many of them, Facebook is going to put under the Facebook Jail. Even, forcing people to add you by sending the repetitive request, can invite complaints to your profile and it is a positive sign for your FB profile.

The next thing that prompts Facebook to take action against your account is adding people to groups without their permission or consent

Also, having Facebook profiles with business names aka non-personal profiles is against the Facebook policies, businesses names are meant to be used for FB pages only.

The next tip that should be followed religiously is don’t tag people in the images which they are not in. 

If you follow these simple rules and maintain your anonymity on Facebook, You can conquer Facebook Jail.

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Tip 4: Avoid Being Blocked: Understand Facebook’s functioning

Facebook has very comprehensively mentioned its policies in the “Help” section. But not everyone is fond of reading those complex words and bring sentences, therefore we have described the essence of the content for you, here below:

  1. Make sure you are not using a business name for your account. You can create a page for it.
  2. Each one should have only one active Facebook account at a time. Using one account you can create multiple pages and add multiple contact spots such as email address and phone numbers so that your customers can reach you out.


  1. Facebook policies for personal profiles: 
  2. Facebook policies for business pages:

Tip 5: Prevention Tip: Beware of Saboteurs

Here are people who use Facebook for dirty purposes. People use the “Mark as spam” button to bring down the competitors and thus it is recommended to ensure your security on Facebook. If you come across any such behavior on Facebook, block the user immediately from your page. This way they won’t be able to see your posts and thus can’t attack you with trolls or Spam marks. 

You can even report the profile of Saboteurs, by clicking the three little dots from the right corner of their profile.

Tip 6: Stay secure from FB Jail:  Don’t act like a SPAM-bot

Francesca Esposito-Rose; the famous business specialist explains the term “SPAM-bot” as the automated programs which are designed to imitate human behavior on social networks. So, whenever Facebook detects the bot-like behavior on its platform, it stops the accused account from commenting or posting. Sometimes an actual human has to face this problem due to the misjudgement of Facebook. This usually happens due to the “excessive behaviour” of the user.

Looking like a “Spam-Bot” can be sent to “Facebook Jail”, therefore make sure you maintain a moderate speed of liking and commenting on Facebook.

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Tip 7: Recover from FB Jail: Keep your information Up to Date

This is the most important tip to ensure your exit from Facebook Jail. Make sure you always keep your recovery phone number, and alternate email address updated so that you can reach Facebook whenever there is a glitch. Apart from this, we also suggest you enter the great introduction of yours in the information section of your page. Writing a warm paragraph in your profile’s “about section” is a great way to make others comfortable in interacting with you and thus you won’t get reported if people will find you genuine.

How to Recover From Facebook Jail? 

Facebook Jail is not a good place to be for your account, but this unfortunate situation can occur to anyone. First thing first, if you keep good conduct on Facebook, you are likely to get less affected by Facebook jail and other FB penalties, However, If Facebook has judged you wrong and put you behind virtual bars, you can make a way out of it by sending Facebook an appeal for identity verification. 

You will need a scanned copy of your ID proof to recover your account from Facebook Jail. In most of the cases, FB notifies you whenever you are punished with “FB Prison or Jail”, so you can immediately send an appeal and convey your point. But if you have deliberately done anything suspicious, spammy, or unethical, you will be chastised with a permanent ban.


Using these 7 tips you can prevent your account from being blocked by Facebook and sent to FB jail. This post includes every little detail that you will be needed to combat the Facebook Jail. Moreover, we always recommend you to practice decent and genuine behaviour on Social Medias to avoid the penalties.

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