How to Sell Old & Junk Cars for Money Near You

January 20, 2023

As your car depreciates and loses value, you might think that it’s no longer worth anything though you’d be surprised at how much money you could get for your junk car. The need for cars that might have stopped running or are still running, regardless of the poor conditions they are in, is just overwhelming.

Cars in this condition, in most cases, can cause more harm than good and can lead to fines from local authorities if they are seen as a threat to safety. If you’re looking for a quick way to get rid of a junk car that is sitting in your driveway, this article will walk you through how to sell your junk car easily while getting top dollar for it. 

Place a Sale Sign on It

Before you think of any other way to get rid of your junk car, it is a no-brainer to place a for sale sign on it while it sits in your driveway. For you to be effective, you’d need to be located near a street frequented by a lot of people. While it might seem like a minor thing, you never know who is seeing that sign, and if you have several of them around the neighborhood, a buyer will be calling sooner than you think.

Advertise Your Car Online

The internet can help speed up your marketing campaign; several online platforms allow sellers to list their old or junk cars and sell them ‘As-Is.’ This phrase means that the car is sold just the way it looks with any tweaking to make it better or trick the buyer into believing that it is better than it is.

You’d need to take several pictures showing both the interior and the exterior of the car clearly from different angles. These photos are meant to present the visual story of the car to the potential buyer so, be as candid as possible. Second, your listing needs a clear and concise description that mentions all the components your car has without exaggerating or including anything that might be missing.

Make your listing as truthful as possible to help you to get inquiries from people ready to make a deal. Before inviting potential buyers over to come to see the car, make sure you clean any clutter that may be lying inside the car. Also, remember to keep in hand all the documentation of the car together with a contract with terms and conditions for the buyer to agree and sign. 

Separate Important Parts from the Car

Another great way to get money from your old or junk car is to get the most important and functional parts from them. Getting the stereo, seats, the engine (if it still works), tires, doors, and any other part that can be repurposed or reused in another car can make you money.

Trade It in At Your Local Dealership

Did you know you can trade in junk cars for new ones at the dealerships?  While most people only know of used cars in good condition, it is possible to trade in your junk car as well for other working cars. You are bound to receive tax benefits while getting a new car at a substantially low cost than you would without the trade-in. This would be a great way to get rid of a car, especially if you bought it at that same dealership.

Sell It to the Dealership

Although this is less known or even less common, many dealerships buy your old and junk car even when you are not looking to trade it in for a new car. While this would be the best way for car removal quickly, you should be prepared to receive way less money compared to selling it privately.

Consider Cash for Cars

Cash for cars refers to the companies that pay you for your junk and old car. These companies will tow your junk car at no cost and still give you cash after agreeing on the specified quote for your car. Their model of making money is through selling parts and crap from your car for profit. They have junkyards with thousands of vehicles which are a heaven for anyone looking to get different parts for their passion projects at a fee.

The fact that you are still making money even after your car is not functioning is amazing, saying the least. With adequate time and effort put into this craft, you are looking at something that can give you a decent income if done consistently.

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