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By Ankit
February 15, 2023

Web hosting is the provision of storage space for websites connected to the internet. For a website to be online, it needs to be hosted on a server that contains all the data on it. 

There are many hosting providers, some of which are paid and others free. 

One quite popular hosting provider is GoDaddy. But it is not just that.  Aside from hosting services, it offers domain registration as well as a website-building platform.

Everything you need to create a website, you can find in one place. 

But, the most important thing for a website is hosting. This article will focus on the hosting plans GoDaddy offers. So, once you go over it, you can take a look at this review of GoDaddy hosting to find out more information about the other services they have.

GoDaddy Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is when multiple websites are hosted on one physical server. As a general rule, most websites don’t use a lot of server resources, so shared hosting providers can offer low-cost and stable services. Once you have decided that this hosting solution is right for you, you need to think about which type of shared hosting you prefer.

This is what GoDaddy offers: 

The Economy shared hosting package should be more than enough for most users, as long as you are happy with your website as it is. Usage of 25 GB of storage per month is very generous and is unlikely for you to hit your file limit, so no worries.

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The Deluxe is a good choice if you have basic website needs, but for multiple websites. Although this plan is limited to ten websites, the 50 GB you get is enough. 

Ultimate level gives up to 25 locations and 75 GB of storage and it also comes with a stronger legal database for you to work with. 

Finally, the Maximum plan offers higher performance with 2GB RAM. This allows you to host up to 50 websites with a total storage of 100 GB, giving you more than enough space.

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GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

You are able to host a WordPress site on any of the plans mentioned above. But  GoDaddy has engineered plans to specifically host WordPress sites.

These plans are a little more expensive than the traditional shared hosting but full of additional perks like website security and unrestricted business email.

The basic plan comes with a storage of 30 GB and the Deluxe with 75 GB.  They are the limited plans while the Ultimate and the Ecommerce plans have unlimited storage use. However, four grant you a free domain name for a year.

GoDaddy Business Hosting

Let’s take a glimpse of how much additional power costs, and what kind of performance you can expect with GoDaddy Business Hosting.

There are four plans that GoDaddy has created for this type of hosting.

They are LAUNCH, ENHANCE, GROW, EXPAND, and in all of them, you can host an unlimited number of websites.

The main difference is in storage and RAM. The launch has a storage of 60 GB and 2 GB of RAM. Enhance holds 90 GB of storage and 4 GB RAM.  Grow comes with 120 GB storage and 6 GB RAM, while Expand has 150 GB storage and 8 GB RAM.

The launch plan is suitable for some basic websites that require high performance. Enhance is recommended for high-traffic WordPress or Joomla websites. Grow is ideal for advanced e-commerce sites, such as those using Magento. Expand is recommended for resource-intensive websites with high-quality images and videos.


All GoDaddy plans include standard security features such as a website firewall, data encryption, and regular threat monitoring, so by choosing GoDaddy, you don’t have to worry about website security. 

And their daily backups you can protect yourself from disasters and accidents by restoring your entire hosting account or your website with their daily backups.

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