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January 25, 2023

If you are new to this sport, you are at the right place to find out about NASCAR. Continue reading to explore.


NASCAR stands for “National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.” The beginning of NASCAR was on 21st February 1948 by Bill France Sr. It was divided into three divisions. Modifieds, Roadsters, and Strictly Stock. The first NASCAR race was held on 19th June 1949. The first track was a 3/ 4 dirt track called Charlotte Speedway. 

In America, NASCAR is the most popular sport. It also gains thousands of fans every week. There are three popular NASCAR series of NASCAR around the world.

  1. Sprint Cup Series
  2. Nationwide Series
  3. Camping World Truck Series

Nowadays the Sprint Cup Series of NASCAR launches 36 races on different 22 race tracks. From 36 races 34 are featured on D-shaped race tracks while the remaining two feature on road courses. Race tracks have different sizes from 2.66 miles to .526 miles. 

However, when we watch car racing whether on a television show or in movies, we always have a curious thought about the pit crew and their toolbox. To kill your curiosity we have created a tour of the Nascar toolbox. Essentials are given below.

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Inside Tour of NASCAR Toolbox for Pit Crew Members

Following are the essential tools found in the NASCAR toolbox: 

  • Extension Poles
  • Hammers, Baseball Bats, and Saws
  • Bear Bond
  • Duct Tape
  • Fuel Cans
  • Piano Bars
  • Jack
  • Air Compressor
  • Air Gun
  • Pit box

Keep reading to see the tool details:

1. Extension Poles:

It is a simple tool but most useful. Basically, the extension pole is the key to the pit box. NASCAR rules specify a lot of work for the crew whereas the use of an extension pole saves time. For example, it helps to give a signal to the driver to come to the right pit area. It may sound like an easy task but it is worth saving time. It also helps to quickly give water to the driver.

2. Hammers

A car dent repair seems like a long process to get done. When the NASCAR car gets a dent while performing the race. The crew gathers hammers, Baseball bats, and saws to fix it quickly.

3. Bear Bond

The toolbox also has a bear bond, a strong adhesive in large sizes. Although, the bear bond is rarely used in races. Its sticking performance is so sticky. If it sticks on something it is really difficult to remove it. Basically, it is used when there is a need for a lot of duct tape patches, one large sheet of the bear bond would be enough to stick the damage.

4. Duct Tape

Duct tape is the handiest sticking tool. NASCAR crew uses it because it is easy and quick to use. It is used to adjust the body panels of the car. It means duct tape can hold the parts together till the race ends.

5. Fuel Cans

It is an obvious tool. It is a fact that no vehicle can drive 500 miles without fuel. It may sound like an easy tool but NASCAR racing has strategies to fill the fuel tank. How much fuel is allowed to carry? And when is the time to fill the tank? These are the major keys. Whereas a sensitive problem occurs like a tank needs to be filling enough, but overloading a tank can slow down the car speed, less fuel can end up in the middle of the race.

6. Piano Bars

Sometimes in the pit area cars came with flat tires or underneath damage. However, Jack has a limited range to lift up the car. If a jackman needs more space to check the underneath piano bars are used for the purpose.

7. Jack

Jack is a tool that every car must-have. Since the races have long courses of driving, the initial car needs the tire change every time it shows up in the pit. The NASCAR crew has a special jack that lifts the car in one pump.

8. Air Compressor

This tool has slightly different components. The NASCAR air compressor has no air. It is filled with nitrogen. It is more consistent than air. It does not react to changing temperature or humidity.

9. Air Gun

If you use a socket wrench to remove lug nuts it will take forever. An air gun is a standard tool for NASCAR crews. It removes the lug nut with air pressure more quickly than any other tool. NASCAR crew can change four tires in less than 20 seconds

10. Pit Box

The pit box is filled with electronic essentials. It has two satellite receivers to track the weather and conditions. It also has a flat-screen which monitors the close view of their car on the track.

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