How Long Do I Have To File A Claim After A Truck s?

By Joseph
March 7, 2022

If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, the chances of suffering injuries are high. The aftermath of the accident may blow away fast, but not without the inconvenience, pain, and suffering associated with the injuries you have sustained. There are thousands of people getting injured daily in truck accidents. While many of the victims die, many more are left with lifelong injuries that reshape their existence. Most people involved in such an accident like this also suffer property damages and more. Under the law, injured truck accident victims or families of dead truck accident victims can seek legal compensation for their losses.

However, given the complicated nature of truck or car accident cases, one needs a qualified and experienced Orlando accident attorney in their corner to ensure that they get the legal help needed to navigate the complicated process. Part of the information needed to navigate the process successfully is the time allotted to truck accident victims to file their compensation claims.

What Is the Statute of Limitations in A Truck Accident Claim Case? 

The statute of limitations is a legal expiry date put on cases to protect the credibility of the case and evidence presented. Cases that have exceeded their statute of limitations may not be brought before a court as the chances of getting the required attention is low. For truck accident cases, injured victims or families of deceased truck accident victims have no more than four years from the date of the accident to seek legal redress for the injuries sustained or the death of their loved ones.

according to this personal injury lawyer, most personal injury cases have a statute of limitation that is not more than two years. However, for truck accident cases, the law considers all of the complicating factors, including the chance that multiple parties (including the driver, truck manufacturer, trucking company, truck owner, and others) may be held liable for the accident injury sustained.

However, if the statute of limitations on your truck accident case has been passed or has expired, you can also speak to a truck accident lawyer for the way forward.

When Should You File A Truck Accident Claim After the Accident?

One of the goals of filing a truck accident claim is to ensure that you maximize the chances of getting the maximum possible amount, at once, in compensation. To ensure that you get all of these and more, you need to be tactical in your approach to a complex case like this. The chances that you may have incurred a huge medical debt exists. In addition to this, you may now live with a disability that requires home care, rehabilitation, home modification, and other expenses. All of these expenses and others, including lost wages, pain and suffering, and others, should also be considered. To ensure that you get a full view of the expenses, waiting is essential.

Why Wait To File Your Truck Accident Claim?

Depending on the extent of the injuries suffered, your truck accident lawyer may advise that you wait for some time before the process is initiated. Waiting is good for many reasons. It allows you enough time to uncover more medical conditions that may result from the accident and the impact that you suffered. By waiting, your accident lawyer will be able to better account for your past, present, and possible future expenses, which gives you a better advantage as you won’t have to run out of money earlier than expected.

With a considerable wait time, you will get a better picture of your health and the bills incurred to nurse you back to health. Waiting also allows the lawyer to conduct a more detailed investigation into the accident and its cause. With more time to investigate, your truck accident lawyer may be able to uncover the connection of other liable parties in your case. Rest assured that there is a higher chance of winning a huge sum of money when more parties are named liable in your truck accident case or parking lot accident.

When should you reach out to an attorney?

While you may wish to wait before filing the truck accident claim, delaying hiring a truck accident lawyer may be disastrous. Hiring an accident attorney early can help you in many ways, including giving more time for a comprehensive investigation to be done, increasing the chance of keeping the case active by protecting you from the antics of insurance companies and adjusters, and more. Hiring an attorney as soon as you become stable after the accident may be one of the best decisions you will make towards recovering financial compensation for your losses.

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